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What Boomer Women Want From Trump And Clinton

Richard Eisenberg, Forbes – October 6, 2016

“Everyone talks about important voting groups this election, but no one talks about boomer women,” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said at a Politico/AARP panel in Washington, D.C., today. “They will be the Rodney Dangerfield — or maybe the Rachel Dangerfield — of this election. Well, there was plenty of talk about these voters at the panel, called Boomer Women and the Election: What’s at Stake.

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Why do White Men love Donald Trump so Much?

Howard Rosenthal, Washington Post – September 8, 2016

The rise of Donald Trump has put the focus on one particular demographic: men. In a provocative post entitled “What the hell is going on?” the economist Tyler Cowen argued, “The contemporary world is not very well built for a large chunk of males.” Understanding the views of men, and particularly Trump’s base of white men, is key.

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After Criticism, Trump Adds Women To His Economic Advisory Team

Jim Zarroli, NPR – August 11, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released a second list of economic advisers in less than a week, and this time the names are almost all women. The advisers include several longtime GOP fundraisers, including Diane Hendricks, co-founder and chairman of ABC Supply in Wisconsin, who was called “America’s richest self-made woman” by Forbes magazine.

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There Are a Grand Total of Zero Women on Donald Trump’s New Economic Advisory Council

Emily Cahn, Mic – August 5, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday announced the formation of an economic advisory council for his campaign — a 15-member team that does not include any women. The announcement of the all-male economic advisory council comes a day after Trump was unable to name a woman besides his daughter, Ivanka, who could serve in his cabinet if he were elected president.

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Bill Clinton Hints at Economic Role in Hillary Clinton Administration

Kailani Koenig, NBC News – May 16, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday night that he’s open to helping out the potential administration of his wife after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about what his role could be in a number of recent comments.

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U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce Endorses Hillary Clinton

PR Newswire – December 3, 2015

“I am proud to announce the endorsement of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential race,” states Margot Dorfman, CEO of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. “Secretary Clinton is an experienced and accomplished leader committed to championing the economic advancement of American small businesses, women-owned businesses, workers and families.”

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How Hillary Clinton is Making the Economic Issues = Women’s Issues Argument

Janell Ross, Washington Post – July 23, 2015

Clinton’s emphasis on women’s issues being economic issues stands in stark contrast to how she ran her 2008 race when she and her staff played down her gender in every way possible. Now they’re embracing it.

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