Tag: Economic Policy

What Boomer Women Want From Trump And Clinton

Richard Eisenberg, Forbes – October 6, 2016

“Everyone talks about important voting groups this election, but no one talks about boomer women,” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said at a Politico/AARP panel in Washington, D.C., today. “They will be the Rodney Dangerfield — or maybe the Rachel Dangerfield — of this election. Well, there was plenty of talk about these voters at the panel, called Boomer Women and the Election: What’s at Stake.

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Little Girl Asks Hillary Clinton About Equal Pay in the Most Adorable Way

Eric Bradner, CNN – August 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton got an opportunity to talk pay equity Tuesday at a Las Vegas town hall when a young girl asked her about how her pay if she’s elected president might stack up to her all-male predecessors.

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Hillary Clinton Wants To Improve Social Security Benefits For Women, Low-Income Seniors

Reuters – August 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton has told the AFL-CIO she wants to improve Social Security benefits for women and lower-income seniors, offering a glimpse of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s thinking on a topic she has rarely addressed on the campaign trail.

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