Women Aren’t Responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

Clare Foran, The Atlantic – November 13, 2016

Women failed Hillary Clinton—and none more so than white women. That idea has congealed into conventional wisdom in the aftermath of the election. Vanity Fair published an article titled: “Why Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Win Over Female Voters” while Time ran a story headlined: “Why So Many Women Abandoned Hillary Clinton.” Slate declared: “White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump.” Samantha Bee had harsh words for white women, too. “A majority of white women, faced with the historic choice between the first female president, and a vial of weaponized testosterone said, ‘I’ll take Option B. I just don’t like her,’” she said, scathingly, in an episode of Full Frontal. The accusation leveled at women voters is clear: They didn’t just betray the woman who tried to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling, they also failed each other.

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