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Trump Supporters Want Young Women To Just Ignore That Whole Sexism Thing

Alexandra Svokos, Elite Daily – July 20, 2016

The Atlantic and Refinery 29 hosted a “Young Women Rising” panel in Cleveland on Tuesday outside of the Republican National Convention. They discussed how our generation of women is changing the political spectrum.

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First Woman President: How Great a Milestone? Women Differ

Jocelyn Noveck, Associated Press – July 2, 2016

To be sure, for some the election of the first female president would be a thrilling moment they’ve been waiting for years to see. “I can’t even articulate all the reasons it’s important,” Sarah Schlesinger Hirschfeld, 56, said. “It’s tremendously important for all women, whether they know it or not, to see a woman in the most important leadership role in the country — and for men to see it, too.” But to others, the milestone has been eclipsed by other advances — seeing women achieve power in other arenas, or witnessing the election of the first African-American president.

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Who are the Trending ‘Trump Girls’?

Blanche Johnson, Fox News – June 29, 2016

While running for President in 2008, Barack Obama had the “Obama Girl,” and now it seems Donald Trump has his own group of female supporters. #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet took over Twitter Sunday after a Wall Street /NBC News poll showed Hilary Clinton with a 17 point lead over Trump with women voters. Many photos of women in bikinis with Trump paraphernalia began trending with that hashtag.

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Would Hillary Clinton Be Higher in the Polls if She Were a Man?

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, Cosmopolitan – June 27, 2016

According to the survey of nearly 1,200 women between the ages of 18 and 34 who said they are highly likely to vote in the upcoming election, selected randomly from among Cosmopolitan.com newsletter subscribers, 47 percent say that if Clinton were a man, she would be higher in the polls, while 18 percent say she would be lower in the polls and 35 percent say there would be no difference.

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Hillary Clinton Splits Younger, Older Democratic Women

Maeve Reston and Gabe Ramirez, CNN – June 10, 2016

When Hillary Clinton became the first woman to clinch the nomination of a major political party, she marked the moment as a milestone. But many of the millennial women supporting Bernie Sanders weren’t celebrating this week.

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Young Women on Clinton’s Lack of Appeal: She’s Like ‘Plastic’

NBC News – May 31, 2016

When it comes to women under 30, Bernie Sanders is doing better than Hillary Clinton in recent polls. What’s the lack of appeal with young women and Clinton? NBC’s Chris Jansing got a window into the reasoning. During a conversation with young Democratic women voters, one said that Clinton has “put on a lot of masks and a lot of different barriers,” but reasoned that it’s out of protection from being in the public eye for so long. Still, the woman added, “She’s gonna have to open back up.”

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I’m Not With Her: Why Millennial Women are Weary of Hillary Clinton

Angelina Chapin, The Guardian – May 23, 2016

For the first time in its history, America is close to electing a female president, yet many women from across the political spectrum don’t like Clinton. It’s true that, as a whole, women support her more than both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, but that support is not nearly as overwhelming as black voter support was for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Millennial women, for example,prefer Sanders to Clinton and 49% of American women give the secretary of state an unfavorable rating.

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The President Barbie Sketch On ‘SNL’ Parodies The Hillary Clinton Campaign

Mallory Cara, Bustle – May 9, 2016

Saturday Night Live has always supplied some of the most biting political commentary, especially during the presidential election. And the NBC late-night sketch show has continued to do so on Saturday night. The Saturday Night Live “President Barbie” sketch parodied the Hillary Clinton campaign and the democratic candidate’s struggles as a female running for office. It was a harsh, but true statement about feminism and Clinton’s lack of support in some circles — but told using a Barbie dolls and young girls who’d rather play with a dirty old broom. For real.

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Young Women are Unfollowing 1 Presidential Hopeful More than the Others

AOL – May 3, 2016

Social media has proved to be extremely important in the 2016 election — especially for the Republican and Democratic front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who both have over 6 million followers on Twitter. A new study by researchers at the University of Rochester examines the trends of who has followed then unfollowed Trump and Clinton on Twitter between September 2015 and March 2016 and how this is effecting the presidential race.

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