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Young Women Aren’t Impressed by Ivanka Trump

Amelia Thomson-DeVeux, Cosmopolitan – August 1, 2016

A new Cosmopolitan/Morning Consult survey of nearly 3,000 registered voters shows that young women aren’t buying it. Only 28 percent of women ages 18 to 34 said they had a favorable view of Ivanka Trump, while 42 percent had an unfavorable view.

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Hillary Clinton’s Historic Moment Divides Generations of Women

Colleen McCain Nelson and Janet Adamy, Wall Street Journal – July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton will make history this week as the first woman to win a major party nomination for U.S. president, a milestone in the fight for equality in postwar America that illustrates the strides made by women since the former first lady was born in 1947.

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Poll: Women Less Likely to Support Trump, but Many Are Undecided

Fawn Johnson, Morning Consult – July 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton and her surrogates hope to make a powerful case for women voters here at the Democratic National Convention this week. There is an opportunity to do so. Morning Consult’s polling shows that women, so far, have proven more reluctant to support Donald Trump than men.

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Trump: Making Feminism Great Again

Georgea Kovanis, Detroit Free Press – July 24, 2016

A Trump presidency, said Williams and several other women with whom I’ve spoken recently, would be disastrous for women; the very thought of Trump in the Oval Office is infuriating. Which is why I think his candidacy is turning out to be such a good thing.

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These Young GOP Women Support Trump — But Will Others?

Torey Van Oot, Refinery 29 – July 21, 2016

Nazly De La Hoya likes that Donald Trump is “not afraid of leadership.” Christy Strutz thinks he’s the “only person who can give us what we need in national security.” Leah Le’Vell believes the billionaire businessman’s commitment to “bringing jobs back to the country” will help her land one when she graduates next year. All three are millennial Republican women attending the GOP convention in Cleveland, and all three are firm backers of their party’s nominee for president.

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Five Under-40 Women At The GOP Convention Share The Surprising Reasons They’re Voting For Trump

Karin Agness, Forbes – July 21, 2016

This week, I walked the Convention floor and asked female delegates under age 40 what they thought of the nominee. I also asked how they make the case to their female friends for Trump over Clinton.

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Where Are All the Millennial Republican Women?

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – July 21, 2016

As a writer for a women’s website, I’ve been on an explicit mission to meet young women at the Republican National Convention this week — a task that sounds simple but was surprisingly, disappointingly difficult. After Tiffany Trump’s speech Tuesday night, I walked in circles around the drab beige halls of the Quicken Loans Arena, hunting for young women to interview. But after two hours passed, I began to feel less like a reporter and more like a desperate pick-up artist on the prowl. I waited outside the women’s bathroom, eyeing up women who looked my age, and tried to approach females who were alone or idle. I perfected my “pick-up line,” so to speak: “Hi, I’m a reporter interested in talking to young Republican women about the election. Would you be willing to talk to me?” I even cornered older women, practically crying, “Help me find the Youngs!” One woman I interviewed, a delegate from Texas, actually laughed and wished me luck finding anyone who was not a 50-year-old man. Young women at the RNC, it felt, were an endangered species.

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