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Are Black Women Too Critical of Pantsuit Nation?

Samara Lynn, Black Enterprise – December 9, 2016

The group dynamics have changed. What once was more of a political group has turned into mostly postings about random acts of kindness and deeds to offset racism, homophobia, and other ugliness group members witness on a daily basis.

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Republican Women Who Opposed Trump Quietly Plan a Comeback

Danielle Paquette, Washington Post – November 11, 2016

Lim is changing the name of her group to Republican Women for America. So far, she said, about 75 women have agreed to run chapters across the country. This week, they’ll process what happened. Next week, Lim said, they’ll discuss way to organize and serve as Republican checks against Trump.

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At We Won’t Wait Summit, Women Say They are More Than Just ‘a Vote’

Vanessa Williams, Washington Post – September 20, 2016

Women of color should be just as tough on Democrat Hillary Clinton as they are on Republican Donald Trump in demanding that the candidates address issues important to them, their families and their communities.

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The Top Concern of Young Women This Election

Mattie Kahn, Elle – September 19, 2016

The pollsters at American Women, the affiliated research arm of EMILY’s List, looked at this critical demographic to assess their concerns and priorities in the upcoming election. The organization surveyed 800 voters, breaking the sample size down by gender (376 men, 424 women) and then further analyzing millennial women (152), women of color (121), and independent women (125).

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Trump Steps Up Anti-Abortion Stance, Taps Dannenfelser

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics – September 16, 2017

With less than two months until Election Day, Donald Trump is ramping up his outreach to a reliable Republican constituency: anti-abortion advocates. Trump plans to name a Pro-Life Coalition on Friday, RealClearPolitics has learned, with Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser as its national chairwoman. The GOP nominee will also adopt a new pledge to protect the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits Medicaid funding for most abortions — a law Democrat Hillary Clinton opposes.

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GOP Women Stump for Trump, ‘Unified’ Party in Philadelphia suburbs

Laura Benshoff, WHYY – August 9, 2016

For the last twenty years, a majority of women voters went for the Democratic presidential nominee, according to the Pew Research Center. Now, the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) is trying to reverse that trend, one pit stop at a time.

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Groups Look to Mobilize Women of Color, Low-Income Women for Big November Turnout

Vanessa Williams, Washington Post – August 4, 2016

A coalition of groups focused on issues affecting women of color and poor women has launched a campaign to ensure that its concerns are not overlooked by candidates on the ballot this fall. We Won’t Wait 2016 plans to hold 500,000 “kitchen table conversations” to encourage women of color to be vocal about issues important to them, including economic security, social justice and family care, and to show up at the polls to elect candidates who best represent those interests.

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Women’s Group EMILY’s List Publishes Anti-Donald Trump Website

Sam Frizell, TIME – July 19, 2016

The pro-Hillary Clinton group EMILY’s List is widening its campaign against Donald Trump on Tuesday with a new website that targets the Republican presumptive nominee for his comments about women. The website, called Women Can Stop Trump and to be published Tuesday, features videos from some of Trump’s more combustible moments and snippets from some of the businessman’s well-documented name-calling, including “bimbo” or “fat pig” and asks visitors to pledge to defeat him.

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Inside the Gender-Free World of Women United For Trump

Katie McDonough, Fusion – July 5, 2016

The Women United for Trump, who on this particular afternoon were united at a convention center in a sprawling coastal suburb just north of Sarasota, were standing to shout affirmations. Their enthusiasm for one another, predicated though it was on their shared support of a candidate who has pledged to ban Muslims from entering the United States and enact a campaign of mass deportations, was infectious. I found myself sitting up straight in my chair, woman strong.

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