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Donald Trump’s Victory Is Inspiring Some Women to Run for Office

Claire Zillman, Fortune – November 28, 2016

Had Hillary Clinton become the United States’ first female president, she likely would have inspired other women to run for office. Clinton, of course, lost this month’s election, but her defeat is still pushing women into politics.

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Hopes for a Female President Dashed, Women Take Running for Office into Their Own Hands

Isaac Stanley-Becker, Washington Post – November 26, 2016

On Wednesday, she woke up inconsolable. On Thursday, angry. But on the Friday after the presidential election, as she prepared posters to join thousands in protesting Donald Trump’s victory, Mia Hernández came to a quiet realization: If she found her country’s direction intolerable, she would have to try to change it.

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100 Years of the ‘Gender Gap’ in American Politics

Anya Jabour, The Conversation – November 24, 2016

Men and women did not vote the same way in 2016. In fact, the Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton contest yielded the largest gender gap – the difference between women’s and men’s voting behavior – in U.S. history. Clinton won women by 12 points and lost men by the same amount – a 24-point gap. The gap is growing. Twenty points separated the sexes in 2012.

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Watching Hillary Clinton Lose Made Women Feel Worse About Their Own Careers

Emma Hinchliffe, Mashable – November 19, 2016

A survey by the career website InHerSight found that 76 percent of women felt worse about their own careers after seeing the election results. The site asked 750 women the question “How have the election results made you feel about your own prospects for advancement in your career?”  

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Can You be a Feminist and Vote for Donald Trump? Yes, You Can

Carmen Fishwick, The Guardian – November 17, 2016

A man who uses misogynistic language and has been accused of sexual assault is soon to become the 45th president of the United States of America. For feminists desperate to see the country’s first female president, the result was devastating: how could someone with such disregard for women’s rights become leader?

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Behind Trump’s Win in Rural White America: Women Joined Men in Backing Him

Rich Morin, Pew Research – November 17, 2016

The gender gap was a key part of the narrative this election season. Overall, 54% of all women voters said they voted for Clinton, while about the same proportion of men supported Trump (53%), the NBC News exit poll found. But among whites, the story was very different – particularly among men and women living in rural areas or small towns.

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The Dream — and the Myth — of the ‘Women’s Vote’

Amanda Hess, New York Times – November 15, 2016

When Victoria Woodhull ran for president of the United States, she couldn’t even vote for herself. “If the women can be allowed to vote,” The New York Herald claimed when Woodhull announced her bid in 1870, “Mrs. Woodhull may rely on rolling up the heaviest majority ever polled in this or any other nation.” After all, the paper said, “women always take the part of each other.” The Herald called for passage of a women’s suffrage amendment, and then “victory for Victoria in 1872.”

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