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Meet the Women of Election 2016

Ashley Parker, Glamour – August 12, 2015

When people describe the 2016 election as a biggie for women, they’re usually referring to one woman: Hillary Clinton. But there are women all over this race, from another top-of-the-ticket candidate (that would be Republican Carly Fiorina, who recently drew a standing-room-only crowd in Iowa) to multiple vice presidential contenders (see: New Mexico governor Susana Martinez) to staffers behind the scenes. All 20 of the major campaigns (yes, 20, as Glamour went to press) have women in top posts; nine candidates have women as their press secretary or spokesperson, a post more typically reserved for the guys. News networks and digital platforms also have women spearheading their campaign efforts. Let’s hear the stories of some of these influencers.

Meet Hope Hicks: The Woman Behind Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Elise Vieback, The Sydney Morning Herald – July 29, 2015

The only young woman in Donald Trump’s inner political circle sits about a metre away from him on his private jet, head down, working on a laptop. This is the eye of the storm, and this is Hope Hicks: Trump’s media handler, corporate aide and the figure responsible for executing the details of the most surprising and divisive political rise in recent memory.

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Hillary Clinton’s Political Director Brings Key Lessons From Her Own (Losing) Campaign

Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times – July 19, 2015

The most prized credential of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political director may not be her connections on Capitol Hill, her experience courting the crucial Latino vote or the diversity she brings as the child of a Mexican immigrant, but her run for office — which she lost.

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