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The Woman Card: How Feminism and Anti-Feminism Created Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Jill Lepore, New York Magazine – June 20, 2016

“It means freedom for women to vote against the party this donkey represents” read the sign on a donkey named Woodrow who, wearing a bow, was paraded through Denver by the National Woman’s Party during its campaign against the Democratic incumbent, President Wilson, in 1916. This year, the hundredth anniversary of the Woman’s Party arrived, unnoticed, on June 5th. Two days later, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to claim the Presidential nomination of a major party: the Democratic Party.

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Dealing the Woman Card

Susan Milligan, US News and World Report – April 29, 2016

Take it from Donald Trump, who is “very smart,” “really, really rich” and has had “a life of victory,” as the high self-esteem candidate has characterized himself: women don’t like Hillary Clinton, and they aren’t going to vote for her, even if it means missing a chance to elect the first woman to the Oval Office.