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Trump’s ‘Woman’s Card’ Insult Inspires Hugely Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Rebecca Ruiz, Mashable – May 3, 2016

They launched The Woman Card[s] just before noon on Thursday and met their $5,000 goal within four hours. With 29 days left to go, the project has more than 800 backers who’ve pledged more than $35,000.

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Trump’s ‘Woman Card’ Remark Drives $2.4 Million In Fundraising — For Hillary Clinton

Christina Wilkie, Huffington Post – May 2, 2016

From April 28-30, more than 115,000 individual donors contributed to Clinton’s presidential campaign. Forty percent of them, or around 47,000, were first-time donors to Clinton’s White House bid.

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Go Ahead, Play the Woman Card

Jill Filipovic, New York Times – May 2, 2016

We can’t change longstanding assumptions about what a leader looks like unless we change what leaders look like. That means a party dedicated to diversity must champion politicians who aren’t white men — even if there’s a white man who is equally qualified, or the obvious choice. Right now, “the woman card” and “the race card” are broadly seen as cynical tactics. Democrats should make them central components of a winning hand.

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Trump: Hillary Tough Enough to Take ‘Woman’s Card’ Criticism

Newsmax – May 1, 2016

Donald Trump doubled-down on charges that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance in a presidential election if she weren’t a woman – and dismissed recent polling showing his support weak among women voters.

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Clinton, Not Trump, Playing ‘Woman Card,’ Says Trump Senior Adviser

Adrienne Salazar, ABC News – May 1, 2016

Donald Trump wasn’t criticizing women when he accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card” in order to get elected president, a senior adviser to his campaign said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s comments this week in which he said Clinton would receive less support if she was a man and that women don’t like her.

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Membership Has Its Privileges: Donald Trump’s Man Card Pays Off

Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast – May 1, 2016

Donald Trump cut to the chase after his big wins Tuesday night: “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card.” Which is a hell of a thing to say after almost 250 years of American presidential candidates implicitly playing their “men’s cards”—perhaps no one more so than Trump himself, whose campaign rests largely on tough guy assertiveness and machismo bloviating. For many of his supporters, his appeal is very much that he’s a white man.

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Cruz on Trump’s Gender Card Comment: ‘It’s Typical Donald’

Daniel Strauss, Politico – May 1, 2016

“It’s typical Donald Trump. The only thing he knows how to do in any given circumstance is he yells, he screams, he curses, or he insults. So there he’s insulting Hillary. Listen, Hillary is a very smart, committed liberal. Her policies are profoundly wrong,” Cruz said in the interview airing Sunday.

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Trump, Clinton Angle for Advantage in Politics of Gender

Nancy Benac, Associated Press – April 30, 2016

Donald Trump, after toying with gender politics off and on during the campaign, is all in on a mission to undercut Hillary Clinton’s credentials by syncing up his say-anything campaign strategy with his alpha-male persona. The same Republican presidential candidate who mocked “little” Marco Rubio, dismissed “low-energy” Jeb Bush and promises to “cherish” and “protect” women as president is dismissing the former senator, secretary of state and first lady as little more than a token female who’s playing the “woman’s card.”

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Many See a Misdeal in ‘Woman’s Card’ Remark

Stephanie Ebbert and Beth Teitell, Boston Globe – April 29, 2016

The “woman’s card” was dealt, played, and traded so quickly, it was hard to tell who was winning. Donald Trump wielded it Tuesday to dismiss Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate whose only asset is her gender. In her own victory speech that evening, Clinton seized the “woman’s card” to gin up feminist energy. By Wednesday, women were flooding social media with ironic comments about how little benefit their own women’s cards were delivering, and the website WomanCard.org was registered and linked to Clinton’s official campaign site.

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