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Is Sexism Really the Reason the Election is so Close?

Janell Ross, Washington Post – September 20, 2016

Over the weekend, President Obama said a number of things about the 2016 election. Among them was a declaration that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not have comparable resumes or temperaments and nothing he’s seen thus far suggests that Trump is actually ready for the White House. In fact, Obama said, the election should not even be close but will be because of sexism, epitomized by the country’s continued discomfort with women in leadership roles and different facets of Clinton’s personality. So, The Fix reached out to Mandy O’Neill to help us pick Obama’s claim apart.

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A Leadership Expert Says Hillary Clinton is Missing One Key Personality Trait — and it Could Stop Her From Winning the Election

Shana Lebowitz, Business Insider – March 15, 2016

In order to earn the public’s trust, psychologists say leaders need to strike a near-perfect balance between two personality traits: warmth and competence.

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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Disliking Hillary Clinton

Deborah Tannen, TIME – March 15, 2016

Clinton has been in the public eye for so long, journalists have long since formulated a storyline about her, as former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis recently observed. Their view—and portrayal—of her as “remote and programmed,” he said, is “nonsense” and impervious to accounts by those who know or meet her that she is actually warm, smart and funny.

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Hillary Clinton, Battling in Iowa, Turns Warm Under Pressure

Amy Chozick, New York Times – January 25, 2016

Facing a rougher-than-expected battle in the Democratic primary campaign, Mrs. Clinton seems to be drawing on a new spunkiness in her final push before the caucuses in Iowa on Monday, an instinct that has served her before when she has confronted a possible defeat.

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