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Cruz’s Wife Asked if She’s ‘Sleeping with an Immigrant’

Caitlin Yilek, The Hill – January 25, 2016

Heidi Cruz was asked if she’s “sleeping with an immigrant” in an interview with an Iowa radio station last week. Cruz was speaking with local radio station 1400AM KVFD when she was asked about the citizenship of her husband, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is running for president, according to BuzzFeed News.

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Ted Cruz’s Claim that Sexual Assaults Rate ‘Went up Significantly’ After Australian Gun Control Laws

Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Washington Post – January 25, 2016

We’ve heard politicians make all sorts of conclusions about the 1996 gun buyback program in Australia: that it worked, that it didn’t work, that it brought crime rates down, that it made no difference on crime rates. Criminologists are still debating the impact of the buyback program and the overall 1996-97 gun law reform in Australia. But that hasn’t stopped American politicians from either heralding the legislative changes as models for America to curb violence, or dismissing it as ineffective.

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Heidi Nelson Cruz: A Political Spouse Making Sacrifices and Courting Donors

Steve Eder and Matt Flegenheimer, New York Times – January 18, 2016

Mr. Cruz’s allies and campaign aides describe her less as a “secret weapon,” the typical characterization of a political spouse, than as an all-purpose surrogate and strategist to be deployed as often as possible.

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For Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, Their Wives Are Their ‘Secret Weapon’

Daniel Gross, Fortune – January 14, 2016

In a series of articles, Fortunewill explore these personal business models used by the candidates. In our first, we explore what might be called the “Wives of Wall Street” model, used by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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Ted Cruz Stumps for Votes in Iowa With Transphobia

Dawn Ennis, The Advocate – January 8, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz, who has denounced the accomodations given to transgender students as “lunacy,” cemented his transphobic position with supporters in Iowa Wednesday, saying that allowing a trans student to use a faculty restroom amounts to “inflicting” the student on teachers.

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Heidi Cruz is the High-powered Political Spouse We’ve Rarely Seen Since Hillary Clinton

Katie Zezima, The Washington Post – January 8, 2016

No one has taken on more roles in the Cruz campaign than Heidi Cruz. Most visibly, she is the traditional campaign spouse. But she is also her husband’s chief fundraiser, a surrogate who hopscotches across the country asking voters, one meet-and-greet at a time, for their support — and in private meetings imploring political and faith leaders for theirs.

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Cruz Camp Mocks Rubio’s ‘High-heeled Booties’

Eliza Collins, Politico – January 5, 2016

Ted Cruz may be leading his fellow Cuban-American senator in the polls, but his campaign is nipping at the heels of Marco Rubio — literally. “A Vote for Marco Rubio Is a Vote for Men’s High-Heeled Booties,” Rick Tyler, Cruz’s communications director, tweeted Tuesday, linking to an article with that headline by New York Magazine’s women’s blog “The Cut.”

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Ted Cruz Blasts Washington Post Cartoon of Daughters as Monkeys

Hallie Jackson and Henry Austin, NBC News – December 23, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz launched an “emergency” appeal seeking to raise $1 million in 24 hours in response to a Washington Post online editorial cartoon depicting his two young daughters as dancing monkeys. The Republican presidential candidate also criticized the paper for its “tasteless attack” on his children. “My daughters are not FAIR GAME,” he wrote in a fundraising email sent late Tuesday. “I’m sickened … I knew I’d be facing attacks from day one of my campaign, but I never expected anything like this.”

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Iowa’s Women Could Be Donald Trump’s Undoing

Clare Malone, FiveThirtyEight.com – December 17, 2015

The literature on voting patterns among GOP women is pretty thin, according to Susan Carroll of Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics. But, she said, “generally, they look a lot like men in their preferences.” It didn’t surprise her, though, that women are responding to the Republican candidates’ messages on national security. Carroll pointed to President George W. Bush’s courting of so-called “security moms” in the 2004 election. “He was trying to put out a message about protecting children and families from terrorism,” she said. Fifty-six percent of married women with children voted to re-elect Bush that year.

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