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Cruz Surrogate: Trump Just ‘Hillary Clinton with a Penis’

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill – May 3, 2016

“Ted Cruz is going to do very well tonight. He will outperform expectations like he always does,” Steve Lonegan said of Tuesday’s Indiana primary during a CNN interview. “I don’t believe the conservative base of this party is ready to throw everything over to Donald Trump,” Lonegan, Cruz’s New Jersey chairman, continued. “In essence, we’re not going to nominate Hillary Clinton with a penis.”

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Cruz on Trump’s Gender Card Comment: ‘It’s Typical Donald’

Daniel Strauss, Politico – May 1, 2016

“It’s typical Donald Trump. The only thing he knows how to do in any given circumstance is he yells, he screams, he curses, or he insults. So there he’s insulting Hillary. Listen, Hillary is a very smart, committed liberal. Her policies are profoundly wrong,” Cruz said in the interview airing Sunday.

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Carly Fiorina Could Overshadow Ted Cruz

Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast – April 29, 2016

When the Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the press conference-stage on Wednesday to announce that former rival Carly Fiorina would join his campaign as running mate-in-waiting, he took a good long time making that point clear. It wasn’t until at least thirty minutes after the press conference was scheduled to begin that he finally named Fiorina as his pick. And once Fiorina started to speak, you could kind of understand why he took his sweet time.

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Fiorina Just a Pawn in Cynical Game Cruz Won’t Win

Jennifer Lawless, CNN – April 27, 2016

Fiorina is Cruz’s Hail Mary pass, his “reset button” on a campaign for a nomination that is falling further and further out of reach. She is a political tactic to try to steal back the spotlight from Donald Trump, who crushed his opponents in a five-state primary sweep Tuesday night.

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Ted Cruz’s Hail Carly Pass

Shane Goldmacher, Katie Glueck, and Alex Isenstadt, Politico – April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz talks a lot about conservative leadership but there was nothing conservative about his desperate gambit naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate less than 24 hours after he was mathematically eliminated from winning enough delegates for the Republican nomination.

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Why Cruz’s Pick of Fiorina for VP is ‘Odd on so Many Levels’

Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle – April 27, 2016

Even in a political campaign that explodes rational assumptions daily, analysts say there isn’t a lot that makes sense about Ted Cruz’s choice of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on Wednesday as his running mate — should the Texas senator win the Republican nomination.

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Heidi Cruz Back in the Spotlight

Chris Moody, CNN – April 6, 2016

Heidi Cruz was back in the spotlight Tuesday — but this time it wasn’t because of Donald Trump. During his victory speech in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz made a point of repeatedly praising his wife, who stood on stage beside the Texas senator. It was a not-so-subtle response to Trump, who has come under fire for retweeting an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz last month.

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Cruz Seizes on Trump’s Struggles with Women

Katie Glueck, Politico – April 5, 2016

Seizing on the pile-up of Trump’s putdowns, Cruz has made a direct and concerted appeal to female voters, whose response has helped propel the Texas senator to a double-digit lead in the state ahead of Tuesday’s primary. He’s looking to parlay that expected success into future wins and, ultimately, to make the case that Trump’s unpopularity among women makes him unelectable in the general election.

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How Trump Helped Cruz Build a Gender Gap in Wisconsin

David Weigel and Sean Sullivan, Washington Post – April 4, 2016

If Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) prevails in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary, as every poll in the past week has suggested he will, data analysts might point to the reasons that Donald Trump was never going to win. Those focused on momentum and messaging might look to March 24, when Cruz pointed into an ABC News camera and called Trump a “sniveling coward” for retweeting an unflattering photo of his wife, Heidi Cruz.

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As Trump Stumbles with Women, Cruz Turns to a New Weapon: His Mom

Holly Bailey, Yahoo! Politics – March 31, 2016

Ted Cruz has made no secret of his adoration for his father, Rafael, whom he calls his personal hero. In speech after speech, the Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful has recounted for audiences the story of how his father fought for freedom in Cuba before escaping to the United States to embrace the American dream. Rafael Cruz’s biography has been the emotional and inspirational bedrock of his son’s bid for the White House, and as such, he has been one of the senator’s busiest and most recognizable campaign surrogates.

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