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Donald Trump has a Woman Problem — 3 of Them

Stephen Collinson, CNN – May 26, 2016

Donald Trump has another woman problem — three of them. The presumptive Republican nominee spent the past 24 hours blasting his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, and his most provocative antagonist, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But he didn’t stop there. He also slammed New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, the nation’s only Latina governor and a Republican.

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Once hailed as the GOP’s Ideal VP Pick, Susana Martinez Finds Herself Clashing with Donald Trump

Amber Phillips, Washington Post – May 25, 2016

Depending on who you talk to or what part of her career you focus on, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) is either a rising star or a fallen one. And now she’s at the center of Trump’s ire. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, accused Martinez of not doing her job when he showed up in her back yard Tuesday night for a rally that Martinez declined to attend.

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Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Susana Martinez … Do Governors Still Make the Best Presidential Candidates?

Jason Zengerle, New Republic – April 17, 2014

Prior to Kroll’s and Libit’s pieces, Martinez’s national reputation was that of an unalloyed rising Republican star—a Latina who offered a silver bullet to some of the GOP’s most vexing electoral problems, namely courting women and Hispanic voters.

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