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Donald Trump Opens New Line of Attack on Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage

Patrick Healy and Maggie Haberman, New York Times – September 30, 2016

Donald J. Trump unleashed a slashing new attack on Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions on Friday as he sought to put the Clintons’ relationship at the center of his political argument against her before their next debate.

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Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Quietly Shouting About Clinton Sex Scandals

Benji Sarlin and Alex Seitz-Wald, NBC News – September 29, 2016

Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s gotten enough credit for not talking about Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct in Monday’s debate. Just ask his son, Eric Trump, who said it took “a lot of courage” for the Republican nominee not to attack the former president. Or his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who told MSNBC on Tuesday that Trump showed “presidential virtue” by not talking about the Clinton scandals.

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Enabler or Family Defender? How Hillary Clinton Responded to Husband’s Accusers

Shawn Boburg, Washington Post – September 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton has wrestled with allegations surrounding her husband’s infidelities for much of their 40-year marriage, including a sexual harassment lawsuit, a grand jury investigation and an impeachment vote centered on his untruthfulness about a relationship with a White House intern. Now, her Republican opponent Donald Trump and his surrogates have signaled that he may bring up the subject in the next presidential debate, treacherous territory, given his own infidelities and treatment of women.

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GOP Rep. Says Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Have Been ‘So Vindictive’ to Women Bill Slept With

Brad Reed, Raw Story – September 28, 2016

Speaking on MSNBC on Wednesday, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN) said that while she didn’t think it was “helpful” to talk about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado gaining “a massive amount of weight,” she also imagined that Hillary Clinton regretted being so nasty to the women who had affairs with her husband. “Hillary Clinton right now is thinking, ‘Maybe I should not have been so vindictive toward some of those women,” she said. “Maybe I should have sought to be more helpful through that entire process.”

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Gennifer Flowers Agrees To Join Trump At Presidential Debate

Andrew Kaczynski, Buzzfeed – September 24, 2016

Gennifer Flowers, the former model who had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s, agreed to an invitation from Donald Trump to sit in the front row of Monday’s presidential debate, according to an assistant.

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‘First Lady’: An Archaic Term for a Dynamic Role

Mark Peters, Boston Globe – September 15, 2016

You don’t hear much about “ladies” anymore, with one exception: the first lady. Maybe it’s our love of celebrities or just a desperate desire to stop worrying about who is (and will be) the most powerful person in the world, but first ladies are an eternally popular topic. “First lady” hasn’t, however, referred to the president’s wife for as long as you’d think, though the term itself is far older than America and soaked in old-fashioned ideas about women that are challenged by the evolution of the presidential partner’s time in office. “First lady” hence is a lexical paradox: an old-timey, set-in-stone term for an increasingly vital role.

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Bill Clinton is No Longer the Closer

Annie Karni, Politico – September 14, 2016

Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, was home working Sunday evening when Huma Abedin called with an urgent request: Could the former president drop his upcoming meetings in Washington, and take over for his pneumonia-felled wife on the campaign trail.

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Michelle Obama Brings Voters’ Trust to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times – September 11, 2016

Michelle Obama has bridled for years at the confines of life in the White House and has tried to steer clear of the partisan messiness that has consumed her husband and is fueling this year’s bare-knuckled presidential contest. But this week, Mrs. Obama will wade into the campaign fray on behalf of Hillary Clinton, putting her broad popularity and reputation for authenticity to work for a candidate who has suffered from a lack of both.

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Kaine’s Wife Steps up Clinton Campaign Role Amid Poll Problems

Barnini Chakraborty, Fox News – September 10, 2016

As Hillary Clinton’s numbers take a hit in the polls, the Democratic ticket is deploying a potentially potent surrogate to the campaign trail: Anne Holton. The wife of Clinton running mate Tim Kaine — and daughter of a former Republican governor in the swing state of Virginia — increasingly is stepping out on her own to stump for the Democratic presidential nominee.

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