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American Presidential Elections Used to Be ‘Manliness’ Competitions. What Happened?

Paul Waldman, The Week – July 31, 2015

Isn’t it long past time we figured out which presidential candidate can do the most pull-ups? The answer seems obvious, at least to Rick Perry, still hale and hearty at 65. When asked about the way Donald Trump had insulted his intelligence (“He put glasses on so people will think he’s smart. It just doesn’t work”), Perry responded, “Let’s get a pull-up bar out there and see who can do more pull-ups.”

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Rick Perry Says He Likes Carly Fiorina as a Potential Veep

Adam Edelman, New York Daily News – July 30, 2015

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested Thursday that he could put Carly Fiorina on his 2016 ticket if he were he to win his party’s presidential nomination. “I’ll tell you from my perspective one of the people who I’ve dealt with over the course of the years that possibly may be on that stage with me, Carly Fiorina,” Perry said on Fox Business Network of the former tech executive and current presidential competitor.

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