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Trump Seems More the Result of a Shift Among White Men Than the Cause of It

Lynn Vavreck, New York Times – August 2, 2016

Many people believe that Donald Trump is about to remake the Republican PartyHis unconventional appeal among alienated working-class and middle-class Americans who are drawn to populism, nativism and protectionism — most of whom are white — has led to speculation that he is not just reshaping the party but possibly even expanding it. The party is changing, but data from this election and the previous two suggest that some of the changes have little to do with Mr. Trump expanding the party. Mr. Trump may instead be helping Hillary Clinton expand the Democratic Party, reshaping his own party by shrinking it.

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Conservative Christian Leaders: Clinton Can’t Be President Because She’s A Woman

Patricia Ramirez, Inquisitr – August 2, 2016

As Patheos reports, conservative Christian leaders including pastors, entertainers, and TV/radio show hosts have come out swinging against the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. According to many, not only can former Senator Clinton not be president, she shouldn’t even be the “ruler” of her home under “God’s law.”

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Where Are All the Millennial Republican Women?

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – July 21, 2016

As a writer for a women’s website, I’ve been on an explicit mission to meet young women at the Republican National Convention this week — a task that sounds simple but was surprisingly, disappointingly difficult. After Tiffany Trump’s speech Tuesday night, I walked in circles around the drab beige halls of the Quicken Loans Arena, hunting for young women to interview. But after two hours passed, I began to feel less like a reporter and more like a desperate pick-up artist on the prowl. I waited outside the women’s bathroom, eyeing up women who looked my age, and tried to approach females who were alone or idle. I perfected my “pick-up line,” so to speak: “Hi, I’m a reporter interested in talking to young Republican women about the election. Would you be willing to talk to me?” I even cornered older women, practically crying, “Help me find the Youngs!” One woman I interviewed, a delegate from Texas, actually laughed and wished me luck finding anyone who was not a 50-year-old man. Young women at the RNC, it felt, were an endangered species.

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Trump Supporters Want Young Women To Just Ignore That Whole Sexism Thing

Alexandra Svokos, Elite Daily – July 20, 2016

The Atlantic and Refinery 29 hosted a “Young Women Rising” panel in Cleveland on Tuesday outside of the Republican National Convention. They discussed how our generation of women is changing the political spectrum.

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Sharon Day: I Want to See A Woman President, Just ‘Not Hillary Clinton, Not Today, Not Now, Not Ever’

Michelle Moons, Breitbart – July 20, 2016

RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day explains what America could look like under a Hillary Clinton presidency, and urges Americans to make history by voting for Donald Trump.

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So Who are the Other Republican Women Speaking Up for Donald Trump at the GOP Convention?

Amber Phillips, Washington Post – July 19, 2016

Given Trump’s struggles to get American women to like him, we wanted to know more about the women who are speaking on his behalf this convention. Here’s a rundown of some of the notable politicians, conservative leaders and even an astronaut who will be speaking in the next few days.

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Democrats and Republicans are as Divided About Gender Discrimination as They are About Everything Else

Elizabeth Sharrow and Michael Heaney, Vox – July 18, 2016

In a year when the Democratic Party will nominate its first woman candidate for president, the Republican Party moved last week toward adopting a platform that includes conservative tenets that support barring women from combat, opposing transgender rights, and reiterating its commitment to the Hyde Amendment banning federal funding for abortion. On issues of gender, equity, and the place of women in their organizations, the two parties remain staunchly polarized.

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Anti-Hillary Misogyny at GOP Convention Reflects Us-Vs.-Them Culture

Cynthia Littleton, Variety – July 18, 2016

The first thing I saw as I pulled off the thruway here to begin covering the Republican National Convention was a small plane towing a banner that proclaimed “Hillary for Prison 2016.” I’ve seen those signs and that sentiment about Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to serve as president increase in volume and ferocity during the past few months. It came as no surprise that criticism of Clinton’s legacy as Secretary of State would be prominent during the GOP’s four-day gathering to formally anoint Donald Trump as the party’s contender for the White House.

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