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What 3 Women Leading the RNC Think About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – July 13, 2016

In advance of the Republican National Convention, which will be held next week in Cleveland, Cosmopolitan.com talked to three thirtysomething leaders within the RNC — Katie Walsh, who at 31 is the youngest chief of staff of the RNC, finance director Cara Mason, and Jenny Sevilla Korn, deputy political director and director of Hispanic outreach — to find out where the Republican Party is headed and how such a controversial candidate fits in with the RNC’s message.

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The Plight of Conservative Feminists

Clare Foran, The Atlantic – June 21, 2016

“Mrs. Clinton—newsflash—I’m a feminist, and I’m not voting for you,” Carly Fiorina declared to the conservative crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. Her words were met with cheers and applause. As the election draws near, the former Republican presidential candidate is making a feminist case against Hillary Clinton.

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Women for Trump – His Female Fans Speak Out

Daniel Lippman and Ben Schreckinger, Politico – June 9, 2016

Politico interviewed more than two dozen women who support Trump — elected Republican officials and political activists — and while many wouldn’t condone his more controversial comments, almost all saw a Trump different from the one presented on television screens nationwide.

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Most GOP women in Tough Races Biding Time on Donald Trump

Associated Press – May 23, 2016

Before deciding if she’ll vote for Donald Trump, Martha McSally says she’ll spend time “determining what kind of man he is.” Mia Love says some comments by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate need “some sort of explanation,” while Renee Ellmers backs him because he’s “a problem solver.”

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If Michelle Fields Isn’t Safe From Trump’s Smear Machine, No Woman Is

Michelle Goldberg, Slate – March 11, 2016

What’s happening to Fields is part of a pattern. Conservative women step out of line, and the Trump organization mobilizes to try and destroy them, painting them as irrational, slutty, and hysterical. Consider what happened after Trump’s contretemps with Megyn Kelly last summer.

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The GOP Gender Gap

Hadley Heath Manning, US News and World Report – March 1, 2016

Topline polling numbers might suggest on first glance that GOP women and men don’t have dramatically different preferences. But a more detailed look at the data shows that women’s votes could make the difference in the Republican nomination. If the field concentrates, so will women’s support, and not behind Donald Trump.

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GOP Women Urge Trump to Drop Talk of Bill Clinton Sex Scandals

Heidi Przybyla, USA Today – January 6, 2016

Republican women have a message for Donald Trump: Enough with Bill Clinton’s sex scandals. It’s not that they’re waving Trump off the issue to help Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. On the contrary, they’re worried that the more Trump talks about a troubled period of the Clintons’ marital history, the more likely it could backfire and rally independent and even some Republican women to the side of the former first lady.

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Iowa’s Women Could Be Donald Trump’s Undoing

Clare Malone, FiveThirtyEight.com – December 17, 2015

The literature on voting patterns among GOP women is pretty thin, according to Susan Carroll of Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics. But, she said, “generally, they look a lot like men in their preferences.” It didn’t surprise her, though, that women are responding to the Republican candidates’ messages on national security. Carroll pointed to President George W. Bush’s courting of so-called “security moms” in the 2004 election. “He was trying to put out a message about protecting children and families from terrorism,” she said. Fifty-six percent of married women with children voted to re-elect Bush that year.

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Women Are Total Hypocrites When It Comes to Carly Fiorina

Marjorie Dannenfelser and Penny Nance, TIME – December 2, 2015

The double standard now on display with regard to Carly Fiorina has driven hypocrisy to new depths, as many of the same political and media personalities who’ve warned conservatives and Republicans to make a stronger appeal to women have gone ballistic with invective and hyperbole in attacking the GOP’s only female presidential candidate.

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