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Trump Has Hill to Climb with Women Voters, and it Just Got Steeper

Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor – March 29, 2016

Once again, Donald Trump is risking the support of women voters – but it’s not the voters you might think. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with simple battery in an incident this month involving a female reporter. The Republican presidential candidate is standing by the side of his aide, and the campaign proclaimed his innocence.

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Examining Trump’s Problem With Female Voters

Carrie Dann, NBC News – March 24, 2016 

This month, about half (47 percent) of Republican female primary voters said they could not imagine themselves voting for Trump. (About 40 percent of male GOP primary voters said the same.) Compare that to their relative willingness to accept Trump’s rivals. Only about three in ten female Republican voters say they can’t imagine backing Ted Cruz (32 percent) and John Kasich (27 percent).

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Hillary Clinton’s Trump card: Female Swing Voters

Evan Halper and Lisa Mascaro, Los Angeles Times – March 16, 2016

Roszka is part of what you might call Clinton’s coalition of the unwilling. They are the independent and moderate Republican women who don’t like Clinton – some even despise her – but are so repulsed by Trump that they are already preparing to vote for the Democrat they anticipate will be on the ballot in November if that’s what it takes to keep him out of office. Either that, or sit out the election altogether.

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Trump’s Women Problem

Karyn Bruggeman, National Journal – March 11, 2016

Don­ald Trump gives Re­pub­lic­ans plenty to be anxious about in a gen­er­al elec­tion against Hil­lary Clin­ton, but none may be more wor­ri­some than this: The po­ten­tial Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee is hugely un­pop­u­lar among wo­men.

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Conservative Women Can’t Handle Trump’s Support for Planned Parenthood

Mitchell Sunderland, Broadly – March 9, 2016

The GOP frontrunner has said a lot of offensive garbage in his time campaigning for president, but for many Republican women, it’s his unwillingness to totally disavow the reproductive rights organization that hurts his campaign the most.

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Will Women Voters Balk at Trump?

Irin Carmon, MSNBC – March 4, 2016

A certain macho swagger has always been an undercurrent in mainstream politics, particularly among Republicans, who style themselves as the daddy party.  But what about a literal penis-measuring contest, spearheaded by at least two major Republican candidates? A front-runner who brags that he could have made the party’s last nominee “drop to his knees,” as Donald Trump did this week when discussing Mitt Romney’s past acceptance of his endorsement? A man whose go-to way to talk about women, including his own daughter, is whether he’s sexually attracted to them?

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The GOP Gender Gap

Hadley Heath Manning, US News and World Report – March 1, 2016

Topline polling numbers might suggest on first glance that GOP women and men don’t have dramatically different preferences. But a more detailed look at the data shows that women’s votes could make the difference in the Republican nomination. If the field concentrates, so will women’s support, and not behind Donald Trump.

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Angry White Women

Juan Williams, The Hill – January 11, 2016

Fifty-eight percent of white women say they are angrier right now than a year ago. Only 51 percent of white men say the same thing, as do just 44 percent of non-white women and 32 percent of non-white men. In political terms, the anger of white Republican women is at the heart of the finding that Republicans are far angrier about the nation’s direction than Democrats. Sixty-one percent of Republicans say they are in a political rage over current events as compared to 42 percent of Democrats.

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