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Hostility Toward Women is One of the Strongest Predictors of Trump Support

Since the start of the Republican primaries, hundreds of thousands of words and hours of television airtime have been devoted to one question: What do Donald Trump’s supporters want? Three political scientists who studied the connection between sexism, emotions, and support for Trump found that the more hostile voters were toward women, the more likely they were to support Trump.

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Clinton Expands Outreach to Male Republican Voters in Wake of Trump Issues

Heidi M. Przybyla, USA Today – October 14, 2016

Rob Kearney is a middle-aged Republican, veteran and father pictured with a blonde-ringleted little girl nestled at his side in a new Hillary Clinton campaign flyer. It shows how her team is trying to do what was considered impossible a few weeks ago: run up its margins in battleground states by peeling away some of Donald Trump’s core constituency of white male voters.

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