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Trump Presents Dilemma For Evangelical Women, Once Reliable GOP Voters

Sarah McCammon, NPR – November 1, 2016

White evangelicals are reliable Republican voters. They also have a long historyof demanding that politicians exemplify character and morality in public life. So for many, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump presents a moral dilemma.

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Powerful Evangelical Women Split From Male Church Leaders to Slam Trump

Joshua DuBois, Daily Beast – October 10, 2016

Beth Moore doesn’t spend much time on politics. The enormously popular evangelist—her sermons and conferences sell out arenas and printed Bible studies are perennial bestsellers—is more likely to be found helping women understand the life of the Apostle Paul or tweeting about her husband, new granddaughter and two adorable dogs. But something changed for Moore after Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president of the United States, was caught on tape bragging about his ability to sexual assault women.

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Abortion and Gay Marriage Are Absent from Donald Trump’s Appeal to Evangelicals

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, New York Times – September 9, 2016

Donald J. Trump pleaded Friday with Christian conservatives to rally to his candidacy, but in a high-profile speech to evangelicals made no mention of issues of central importance to them, like abortion, same-sex marriage and Israel.

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Conservative Christian Leaders: Clinton Can’t Be President Because She’s A Woman

Patricia Ramirez, Inquisitr – August 2, 2016

As Patheos reports, conservative Christian leaders including pastors, entertainers, and TV/radio show hosts have come out swinging against the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. According to many, not only can former Senator Clinton not be president, she shouldn’t even be the “ruler” of her home under “God’s law.”

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Muslim Women Say They Don’t Need Donald Trump’s Help

Charlotte Alter, TIME – March 11, 2016

In conversations with TIME, female Muslim leaders and intellectuals argued that the business mogul’s characterization of Islam as anti-women was incorrect and hypocritical. Others said that misogyny in some interpretations of Islam is very real, but off-the-cuff comments just antagonize the community and make reform more difficult. All agreed that Trump’s statements don’t do anything to help Muslim women.

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How Muslim Women are Winning the 2016 Campaign

Engy Abdelkader, CNN – March 1, 2016

This presidential election season we’ve paid much attention to the anti-Muslim ideas some presidential candidates like Donald Trump spew — and rightfully so. Most political candidates would never dare make such utterances about any other religious minority group. Still, in the midst of the vitriol and alarming political rhetoric, an intriguing phenomenon has appeared: the emergence of American Muslim women.

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Why is Ted Cruz Saying Christians Should Support Him Different From Saying Women Should Back Hillary Clinton?

Janell Ross, Washington Post – February 16, 2016

One moment that probably won’t is a new interview in which Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) asserts — in very similar fashion — that evangelical Christians should back an evangelical Christian like him. Cruz told this to viewers of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “Brody File,” “If we allow our leaders to be selected from non-believers, we shouldn’t be surprised when our leaders don’t share our values.”

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Donald Trump Is the Ultimate Christian Patriarch

Jill Filiopovic, Cosmopolitan – February 9, 2016

The combined spectacle of Cruz’s win and Trump’s popularity is more reflective of just how agnostic, if not outright hostile, many in the United States (particularly its more conservative citizens) remain to women’s changing social roles, and how much fear politicians can generate at the mere specter of a decline in unilateral power so long enjoyed by white American men. Trump’s candidacy isn’t the death knell of social conservatism or the Republican Party. It’s what happens when the religious right’s promises of a better life through faith don’t pan out, but the male entitlement, distrust of intellectualism, and racial animosity bred by the movement remain.

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Who Is Marco Rubio’s New Anti-Feminist Adviser?

Ruth Graham, Slate – January 12, 2016

With the Iowa caucuses less than a month away, the competition for the evangelical vote seems to have become a two-man race between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Last week, Rubio made another move to win that race-within-the-race, announcing the formation of a 15-member religious liberty advisory board that will advise the campaign on issues including the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and the freedoms of Americans who oppose same-sex marriage.

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Hillary Clinton’s Closest Aide Has Something to Say to Donald Trump

Ben Geier, Fortune – December 8, 2015

When Donald Trump called for a freeze on Muslim immigration to the U.S., one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers sent out her own personal response soon after. In an e-mail message to Clinton supporters, Huma Abedin—a Muslim-American—stood up for her faith.

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