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Tapes or No Tapes, ‘The Apprentice’ Alums Recall Donald Trump’s Sexist and Racist Behavior

Kate Stanhope, Hollywood Reporter – October 11, 2016

The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett might not be willing or legally able to release recordings from Donald Trump’s 11-year tenure on the NBC reality show. But in the wake of the Republican presidential candidate’s explosive comments revealed in an Access Hollywood tape from 2005, several people associated with The Apprentice are coming forward to discuss the kind of behavior that might have been on public display had Burnett decided to allow access to the tapes.

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Language Matters: Concerns About “Political Correctness” are Deeply Intertwined with Race

Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel, Salon – July 3, 2016

As American society has become more diverse and inclusive, there have been efforts to make language reflect that inclusivity. For decades, women, LGBTQIA people, disability advocates, and people of color have demanded a more inclusive language. In key respects, their effort has been successful. Powerful men (and women) increasingly face scrutiny for using racial slurs or discriminatory language, as Mel Gibson, Paula Deen and Donald Sterling have discovered. Moreover, the public tends not to sympathize with these powerful people who stray far beyond the realm of “political correctness.” While these efforts are widely accepted among some portions of society, especially young people, they have met a backlash among many other segments, namely older, white men and women.

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Donald Trump’s Use of ‘Pocahontas’ Has Native Americans Worried

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – June 17, 2016

Donald J. Trump is heading west this weekend for rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix and a fund-raiser at Barry Goldwater’s old estate, known as Be-nun-i-kin, Navajo for “house on top of the hill.” But it was the prospect of Mr. Trump’s gathering with members of theNavajo Nation that was creating the most intrigue around the trip of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

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Go Ahead, Play the Woman Card

Jill Filipovic, New York Times – May 2, 2016

We can’t change longstanding assumptions about what a leader looks like unless we change what leaders look like. That means a party dedicated to diversity must champion politicians who aren’t white men — even if there’s a white man who is equally qualified, or the obvious choice. Right now, “the woman card” and “the race card” are broadly seen as cynical tactics. Democrats should make them central components of a winning hand.

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How Muslim Women are Winning the 2016 Campaign

Engy Abdelkader, CNN – March 1, 2016

This presidential election season we’ve paid much attention to the anti-Muslim ideas some presidential candidates like Donald Trump spew — and rightfully so. Most political candidates would never dare make such utterances about any other religious minority group. Still, in the midst of the vitriol and alarming political rhetoric, an intriguing phenomenon has appeared: the emergence of American Muslim women.

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Schlonged? Donald Trump’s Pathetic Frat-Boy Politics

Joan Walsh, The Nation – December 22, 2015

Then came “schlonged.” It’s all of a piece with Trump’s cruel, towel-snapping approach to campaigning. From labeling Jeb Bush “low energy”—a G-rated way to say he’s running on low testosterone—to giving Senator Lindsey Graham’s phone number to a crowd of Trump backers on national television, Trump has gloried in playing the bully, and his supporters eat it up.

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