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Why Many Black Women Feel Deeply Ambivalent About Hillary Clinton’s Historic Nomination

Victoria M. Massie, Vox – July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination shatters a glass ceiling nearly as old as our nation itself. But over the course of Clinton’s campaign, some black women have been both anxious and ambivalent about the prospect of Clinton as the first woman presidential candidate.

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Will Black Women Voters Just Fall in Formation?

Andrea King Collier, NBC News – July 26, 2016

This wouldn’t be the first time that candidates at the local, state and national levels slid into office because voters picked the person they saw as the lesser of two evils. After the heated campaigns up to now, and the Republican Convention, it seems that Clinton may be viewed as the best choice for black women voters, whether she has earned it or not. And that may be just enough to get her to the White House.

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‘Mothers of the Movement’ Channel Black Lives Lost into Support for Clinton

Lauren Gambino, Guardian – July 26, 2016

The mothers of the movement, a “club of heartbroken mothers”, have emerged as powerful advocates for Clinton on the campaign trail, telling their children’s stories in churches and town halls across the country. On Tuesday night, nine of them stood again together before thousands of Democrats, each woman wearing a big, red flower pinned to her chest.

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College Men for Trump

Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times – July 14, 2016

It’s relatively easy to understand how the bitter grievances of the white working class drive support for Donald Trump. What’s less understandable is why a plurality of college-educated white men backs the Republican Party’s combative soon-to-be nominee.

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Language Matters: Concerns About “Political Correctness” are Deeply Intertwined with Race

Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel, Salon – July 3, 2016

As American society has become more diverse and inclusive, there have been efforts to make language reflect that inclusivity. For decades, women, LGBTQIA people, disability advocates, and people of color have demanded a more inclusive language. In key respects, their effort has been successful. Powerful men (and women) increasingly face scrutiny for using racial slurs or discriminatory language, as Mel Gibson, Paula Deen and Donald Sterling have discovered. Moreover, the public tends not to sympathize with these powerful people who stray far beyond the realm of “political correctness.” While these efforts are widely accepted among some portions of society, especially young people, they have met a backlash among many other segments, namely older, white men and women.

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Donald Trump’s Use of ‘Pocahontas’ Has Native Americans Worried

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – June 17, 2016

Donald J. Trump is heading west this weekend for rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix and a fund-raiser at Barry Goldwater’s old estate, known as Be-nun-i-kin, Navajo for “house on top of the hill.” But it was the prospect of Mr. Trump’s gathering with members of theNavajo Nation that was creating the most intrigue around the trip of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

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What Do Black Women Really Think About Hillary Clinton’s Nomination?

Britni Danielle, Ebony – June 9, 2016

Make no mistake about it; Hillary Clinton once again etched her name in the history books Tuesday night. After a hard-fought primary race with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton clenched the Democratic presidential nomination with decisive wins in New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, and the largest prize of the night, California.

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Hillary Clinton’s Big Statement: This is About More than Just Gender

Janell Ross, Washington Post – June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton began her telling of American history Tuesday night by recounting Seneca Falls, a July 1848 gathering in upstate New York of women and a smattering of men committed to examining and improving the social and legal conditions of women.

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Why the Woman Voter is a Myth

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, CNN – May 26, 2016

The female voting bloc: fable or fact? With time marching on toward November’s election, each day brings new speculation about how, why or whether “women” will vote come fall. But let’s get real: Few who speak of “the women’s vote” are ever specific — or even accurate.

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