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Majority of Women Voters Feeling the Loss of Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy

AirTalk, KPCC – November 9, 2016

The latest data shows Hillary Clinton won 54 percent of women voters, but only 41 percent of men – a 13-point gender gap, which is as large as it’s been in decades. CBS News’ exit polls show Trump beat Clinton among white, non-college-educated women.

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This is How Much America Hates Women

Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed – November 9, 2016

Trump’s win is an endorsement of racism, a validation of bigotry, a confirmation that nearly half of Americans would like a man who does not believe in equal rights, and, at least until he won, the sanctity of the democratic process, to lead our country. And hovering over all of those beliefs is a stark truth: the way Donald Trump has talked about, allegedly acted toward, and fundamentally conceived of women is the way that the majority of Americans conceive of women.

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Behind Trump’s Victory: Divisions by Race, Gender, Education

Alec Tyson & Shiva Maniam, Pew Research Center – November 9, 2016

Donald Trump scored an impressive Electoral College victory Nov. 8 after a campaign that revealed deep divisions – by race, gender and education – that were as wide and in some cases wider than in previous elections, according to an analysis of national exit poll data.

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Women May Decide the Election


Leah Askarinam, The Atlantic – November 8, 2016

Donald Trump dragged already-prominent public debates over gender equality and consent into the presidential race, due to prominent reports about his mistreatment of women and allegations of sexual assault. At the same time, Hillary Clinton became the first truly viable woman presidential nominee the nation had ever seen—and used Trump’s alleged behavior toward women as a weapon against him.

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Campaign Reveals Fault Lines Among Women Voters

Beth Reinhard, Wall Street Journal – November 6, 2016

There is a split-screen view of women voters in the 2016 campaign. Teary-eyed supporters of the first would-be female president are wearing suffragette white and growing hoarse cheering for Democrat Hillary Clinton. At Republican Donald Trump’s events, some women dress like jailbirds or wear profane T-shirts to show what they think of Mrs. Clinton.

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The View From Middletown: ‘The Perfect Female Presidential Candidate Doesn’t Exist’

Gary Younge, The Guardian – November 1, 2016

America may be on the brink of electing its first female president. She is in a contest with a man who has been accused of sexual assault in particular and misogyny in general. The gender gap looks likely to be greater than in any previous election. In short, American gender politics has reached a raw and deeply polarised point that this election is both reflecting and accentuating.

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Women Who Hate Trump, but Aren’t With Her

Emma Green, The Atlantic – October 16, 2016

Depending on your perspective, it’s either Hillary Clinton’s great misfortune or incredible luck to be matched with an opponent who believes men like him can simply grab women “by the pussy,” who has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances against colleagues, and who made a sport of sizing up all the beauty queens in the pageant he owned. Because Donald Trump represents the worst version of how powerful men treat women, the symbolism of Clinton can seem uncomplicated: Her White House victory, if it comes, will be a win for women.

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Michelle Obama Just Gave This Election’s Most Important Speech

Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine – October 13, 2016

In this historic year for women in presidential politics, the most unapologetic and powerful feminist speech of the campaign was delivered not by the historic candidate but by the First Lady.

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Level of Outrage Over Donald Trump Tape is Linked to Another Issue: Race

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