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The Presidential Double Standard

Susan Milligan, US News and World Report – September 16, 2016

“Our research has shown consistently that women face a double-bind men don’t” when running for office, especially executive office, says Adrienne Kimmell, executive director of the nonpartisan Barbara Lee Family Foundation. While male candidates can simply tell voters what they have done, women have to show it, detailing, for example, how their experience running a small business helped them understand the challenges contractors or entrepreneurs or consumers face.

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Elizabeth Warren Slams Trump After ‘Woman Card’ Comment

Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe – April 28, 2016

Donald Trump clearly feels threatened by Secretary Clinton’s qualifications to be president so he’s attacking Hillary Clinton for being a woman,” Warren said in a telephone interview with the Globe. “That’s what weak men do. It is an old story, and I don’t think the American voters will fall for it.”

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Hillary Clinton is the Only Candidate Who a Majority of Americans Say is ‘Qualified’ to be President

Catherine Rampell, Washington Post – April 14, 2016

About that whole “Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president” kerfuffle a few days ago: Some interesting new survey data from YouGov/The Economist find that Clinton is the only remaining candidate who a majority of the American public believes is “qualified” for the presidency.

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Why Bernie Sanders Faces a Trap at the Democratic Debate

Jay Newton-Small, TIME – April 13, 2016

In recent weeks, Bernie Sanders has taken a harsher tone with Hillary Clinton, calling her “unqualified” to be president, saying she’s too “ambitious” and going after her position on fracking, the Iraq war and Wall Street cronyism. An outside Sanders group even began posting the home addresses and contact information for superdelegates supporting Clinton in an attempt to swing them towards Sanders.

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Why Women’s Representation May Suffer When Hillary Clinton is Attacked as ‘Ambitious’ and ‘Unqualified’

Jill Greenlee, Mirya Holman, and Rachel VanSickle-Ward, Washington Post – April 10, 2016

Scuffles like these are highly unlikely to change the overall trajectory of the race, but they are troubling for this key reason: Attacks on female candidates as being “ambitious” or “unqualified” are exactly the reason that so many qualified women don’t run for political office in the first place.

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Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run For Office

Clare Malone and Julia Azari, FiveThirtyEight – April 8, 2016

While 2016 campaign discussions of sexism have largely been preoccupied with Donald Trump’s blunt force assaults on modern notions of manners, let alone gender equity, Sanders’ remarks and their interpretation play into discussions of the subtle, pernicious forms of sexism that women in positions of power must deal with.

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Bill Clinton: Hillary Held to ‘Different Standard’ Due to Gender

Alex Seitz-Wald, MSNBC – April 8, 2016

Asked if gender is a factor in Sanders’ comments on his wife, the former president at first demurred. “I think she’d be the best president. And I think it’s obvious. That’s all that matters to me,” he said. But then he added: “Yes, I think there are some different standards. Some of them are subconscious.”

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Was Bernie Sanders Being Sexist?

Alice Yin, Boston Globe – April 8, 2016

It’s unclear what Bernie Sanders meant to accomplish when he charged this week that Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president. It may be that his frustration boiled over in an increasingly tense campaign. But some say it has to do with gender, which highlights, once again, how Sanders must be especially careful in attacking his female rival.

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Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications Doesn’t Sit Well With Women Backing Her

Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post – April 7, 2016

When talking to women rooting for Hillary Clinton, one reason comes up over and over again about why they stick by her: She is, simply, the most qualified person to be president.

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