Tag: Policy Issues

Why Hillary Clinton Made Gender Such a Big Deal in Her Major Economic Speech

Danielle Paquette, Washington Post – July 13, 2015

In her sprawling speech, which touched on Wall Street and Internet competition and the sharing economy, Clinton dedicated more than 1,000 words to burdens disproportionately carried by women — a rarity in the context of policy addresses from front-running presidential candidates.

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Meet the New, Old Hillary

Rebecca Traister, New Republic – June 14, 2015

After this weekend, we know quite a bit more about how Hillary Clinton is going to campaign for president in 2016. What’s most startling is that she’s going to be running as a version of herself she’s been running from for more than two decades.

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In Return to S.C., Clinton Accuses GOP of Neglecting Women, Minorities

Anne Gearan, Washington Post – May 27, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Republicans and business interests Wednesday of turning a blind eye to unequal pay and advancement opportunities for working women and said she isn’t “afraid to take them on.”

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