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Hillary Clinton Supports Her Husband’s ‘Defensive Action’ as President

Lucas Grindley, The Advocate – October 23, 2015

When asked directly whether she differs from her husband Bill Clinton — who is responsible for legislation that stopped same-sex couples from marrying and banned LGBT people from open service in the military — Hillary Clinton characterized them as necessary steps. “I’m not in any way excusing them. I’m explaining them,” she said.

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Clinton Hits Fiorina: Female Candidates Don’t Get a Pass

Jane Timm, MSNBC – October 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton criticized Carly Fiorina in a new interview, saying female candidates shouldn’t get a pass just because they are women. “I’m always in favor of women running,” she told TIME magazine when asked whether Fiorina has been treated differently in the Republican primary. “But people need to hold women’s policies up to light and determine what their answers to problems would be before deciding to support them. I’m willing to subject myself to that process and try to earn every vote; I assume any woman running would do the same.”

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Carson Suggests LGBT Families are ‘Not of the Same Value’

Chris Johnson, Washington Blade – October 8, 2015

“We’ve got to stop paying attention to the PC police who say every lifestyle is exactly of the same value,” Carson said. “No, it’s not of the same value. It is very clear that intact, traditional families with traditional, intact values do much better in terms of raising children. So let’s stop pretending that everything is of equal value.”

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Pledging to Fight Injustices, Hillary Clinton Focuses on Transgender Rights in Speech

Amy Chozick, New York Times, October 3, 2015

In a forceful speech to an influential gay rights group,Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday reaffirmed her support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans just hours before Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., contemplating his own presidential run, was to address the organization.

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The Case for Bernie Sanders on Women’s Issues

Dayna Evans, New York Magazine (The Cut) – August 21, 2015

What would be the feminist case for Bernie Sanders? What are his woman-friendly credentials? Should women forgo their chance of seeing a female president in order to find the right person for the job?

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Much of the Republican 2016 Field Has Actually Moved to the Right on Abortion

Emily Greenhouse, Bloomberg Politics – August 20, 2015

As we roll toward the 2016 presidential election, the Republican Party seems to have undergone a vigorous rightward turn on the subject of abortion. Whether because of deeply held beliefs or the tactical imperatives of the GOP’s primary season, many of the candidates are taking surprisingly unyielding positions—ones that are well out of the current American mainstream.

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Little Girl Asks Hillary Clinton About Equal Pay in the Most Adorable Way

Eric Bradner, CNN – August 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton got an opportunity to talk pay equity Tuesday at a Las Vegas town hall when a young girl asked her about how her pay if she’s elected president might stack up to her all-male predecessors.

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Hillary Clinton Wants To Improve Social Security Benefits For Women, Low-Income Seniors

Reuters – August 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton has told the AFL-CIO she wants to improve Social Security benefits for women and lower-income seniors, offering a glimpse of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s thinking on a topic she has rarely addressed on the campaign trail.

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