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Pro-Clinton Groups Launch New Ads Targeted at Female Millennials

Abby Phillip, Washington Post – August 22, 2016

Outside groups that back Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday expanded their targeting of female millennial voters online with a scathing and snarky viral advertising campaign against GOP rival Donald Trump. The ads, created by Women Vote, the independent expenditure arm of Emily’s List, are part of a partnership between the group and the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action. It aims to reach young women through sponsored content on viral media sites such as BuzzFeed and EliteDaily in the lead-up to Election Day.

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Women’s Group EMILY’s List Publishes Anti-Donald Trump Website

Sam Frizell, TIME – July 19, 2016

The pro-Hillary Clinton group EMILY’s List is widening its campaign against Donald Trump on Tuesday with a new website that targets the Republican presumptive nominee for his comments about women. The website, called Women Can Stop Trump and to be published Tuesday, features videos from some of Trump’s more combustible moments and snippets from some of the businessman’s well-documented name-calling, including “bimbo” or “fat pig” and asks visitors to pledge to defeat him.

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America Rising to Help Republicans Make Inroads with Independent Female Voters

Katie Zezima, Washington Post – July 7, 2016

America Rising, a conservative group, will start helping its clients make inroads with independent female voters — a program that could help Republican candidates appeal to a critical voting bloc that may be turned off by the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The group, which conducts opposition research and response and whose clients are typically committees, outside groups and candidates, is launching the project, called the women’s initiative, this week through the private America Rising LLC. The group is both a super PAC and an LLC.

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Priorities USA Exposes Trump’s Issue with Women in New Ad Campaign

Kaitlyn Goodman, I Agree to See – June 30, 2016

Priorities USA, pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, has been relentlessly exposing Donald Trump’s issue with women voters – and its newest ad campaign is no different. The super PAC released two 15-second ads showing clips of fathers and mothers with their children as audio of Trump’s controversial statements play in the background.

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Ad From Trump Ally, Citing ’90s Scandals, Depicts Hillary Clinton as Anti-Woman

Nick Corasanti, New York Times – June 23, 2016

An aggressive new ad from Rebuilding America Now, a “super PAC” supporting Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, tries to paint Hillary Clinton, his presumptive Democratic opponent, as anti-woman.

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3 Women to Launch Super PAC to Support Donald Trump

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press – June 9, 2016

Three of Donald Trump’s female supporters will announce on Thursday a new super political action committee to help the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The group calls itself Women Vote Trump and aims to raise at least $30 million, according to its founders, Kathryn Serkes, Ann Stone and Amy Kremer. “There are so many ad hoc groups of women who back Trump, and what we want to do is harness their energy and give them a home,” Serkes said.

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