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8 Facts to Know About Governor Nikki Haley, Our New US Ambassador to the UN

Mattie Kahn, Elle – November 23, 2016

Nikki Haley made no secret of her ambivalence about Donald Trump during the election, backing first Marco Rubio and then Ted Cruz over him and criticizing his rhetoric at several key moments during the race.

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A Powerful Veep Audition for GOP Governor Nikki Haley

Caroline Heldman, Reuters – January 13, 2016

It would be a smart move for the GOP to nominate a female vice presidential candidate, said California State University, San Bernardino, political scientist Meredith Conroy. “Haley will serve as an appropriate attack dog for the Republican Party,” Conroy said, “whereas a man going after Hillary would be more open to criticism of sexism. I think her selection is related to her sex, but more so because the GOP’s goal is to defeat Hillary in 2016, and Haley is a safe person to lead any criticism.”

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Why Republicans Want Nikki Haley to Be the VP

Repub­lic­ans picked South Car­o­lina Gov. Nikki Haley to re­spond to Pres­id­ent Obama’s State of the Uni­on Ad­dress next week be­cause the cha­ris­mat­ic con­ser­vat­ive, only months after deftly man­aging the re­mov­al of the Con­fed­er­ate flag from state Cap­it­ol grounds, is one of the party’s most like­able and tal­en­ted politi­cians. As many of those same Re­pub­lic­ans see it, those are the same reas­ons Haley should sit atop any­one’s short list of vice pres­id­en­tial pro­spects—re­gard­less of who wins the Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­a­tion. Already, weeks be­fore the Iowa caucuses, spec­u­la­tion has in­tens­i­fied that Haley’s re­but­tal next week is a show­case for a politi­cian destined to reach a big­ger na­tion­al stage this sum­mer.

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Carly Fiorina’s Rise Could Eclipse Nikki Haley’s Higher Aspirations

Cynthia Roldan, The Post and Courier – September 26, 2015

During a recent appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, Gov. Nikki Haley finally admitted the rumors are true: Yes, she wouldn’t mind being vice president if one of the candidates comes knocking. But that was before Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s meteoric rise.

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