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This is What Happens When Donald Trump Attacks a Private Citizen on Twitter

Jenna Johnson, Washington Post – December 8, 2016

About a year ago, 18-year-old college student Lauren Batchelder stood up at a political forum in New Hampshire and told Donald Trump that she didn’t think he was “a friend to women.” The next morning, Trump fired back on Twitter — calling Batchelder an “arrogant young woman” and accusing her of being a “plant” from a rival campaign. Her phone began ringing with callers leaving threatening messages that were often sexual in nature. Her Facebook and email inboxes filled with similar messages. As her addresses circulated on social media and her photo flashed on the news, she fled home to hide.

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Sen. Burr Apologizes for Suggesting Clinton Should Have a ‘Bull’s-Eye’ on Her

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr apologized Monday for joking over the weekend that he was surprised a gun magazine didn’t have a “bull’s-eye” on its image of Hillary Clinton. “The comment I made was inappropriate, and I apologize for it,” Burr said in a statement Monday to CNN, which first reported his comment.

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“Nasty Woman” Becomes the Feminist Rallying Cry Hillary Clinton was Waiting For

Calling Hillary Clinton a nasty woman may have been the best thing Donald Trump has ever done for her campaign. Trump has spent most of the election reminding us just how difficult it can be for a woman to run for president in a world still steeped in patriarchy.

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Hillary Clinton, Mocking and Taunting in Debate, Turns the Tormentor

She mansplained him. “Let me translate that if I can,” Hillary Clinton said dryly after Donald J. Trump talked up his tax plan. She interrupted him. When Mr. Trump boasted of the gilded Las Vegas hotel that bears his name, Mrs. Clinton leaned into her microphone. “Made with Chinese steel,” she quipped with a smile.

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Internet, Pundits React to Trump ‘Nasty Woman’ Comment

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press – October 20, 2016

Donald Trump asserted in the final presidential debate that no one respects women more than he does. Yet in its closing moments, standing onstage with the first major-party female presidential nominee in U.S. history, he called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman.”

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‘Nasty Woman’: Why Men Insult Powerful Women

Claire Cain Miller, New York Times – The Upshot – October 20, 2016

“Such a nasty woman.” Nearing the end of a campaign of disparagement, Donald J. Trumpcoined a classic in the annals of insults against powerful women. Mr. Trump’s remark — which he directed at Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate Wednesday as she talked about a particularly nasty topic, Social Security — had all the makings of a feminist meme. It came across as impulsive and petulant, with sexist undertones, even if it lacked the sophistication of certain predecessors.

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Trump Wished Condi Rice was a ‘Bitch’ in 2006

Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie, CNN – October 19, 2016

Donald Trump said in a 2006 speech he wished former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was a “bitch,” according to archived video reviewed by CNN’s KFile. The New York Daily News had reported in 2006 that Trump had told an audience at a Learning Annex convention speech, “Condoleezza Rice, she’s a lovely woman, but I think she’s a bitch. She goes around to other countries and other nations, negotiates with their leaders, comes back and nothing ever happens.”

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Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton takes Performance-enhancing Drugs

Reena Flores, CBS News – October 15, 2016

Donald Trump, deflecting from the recent deluge of sexual assault accusations plaguing his campaign, suggested Saturday that Hillary Clinton was taking performance-enhancing drugs at the last presidential debate.

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All the Ways Trump Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Bill’s Sex Scandals Could Go Horribly Wrong

Donald Trump isn’t going to go down without a fight. Not only is he saying he won’t quit the presidential race in the wake of his leaked tape scandal, he is planning to use tonight’s debate to try and attack Hillary Clinton over allegations about her husband’s sexual conduct — and even held a pre-debate event with three women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape or sexual harassment.

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