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Hillary Clinton isn’t a Rodham anymore: Women Still Can’t Win in the Fight Over Married and Maiden Names

Erin Coulehan, Salon – December 2, 2015

It’s an interesting paradox: we admire and trust women like Hillary Clinton and Amal Clooney when it comes to carving out what’s considered to be a modern woman. Powerful, intelligent, capable — yet chastise them for their decisions about their names, as if that has any effect on their competency. The decision to take a husband’s last name doesn’t really change the person as much as other people’s perception of her. This might be why 30 percent of women married within the last year have opted to keep their maiden names.

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Why is Hillary Clinton Leaving Out ‘Rodham’?

Vanessa Barford, BBC News – November 21, 2015

Many US newspapers have always referred to Hillary Clinton as Hillary Rodham Clinton – Rodham being her maiden name, and the family name she stuck with in the early years of her marriage. But now her campaign has told the Washington Post that she prefers to be just Hillary Clinton. Why?

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