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How Things Have Changed Since the Era of the ‘Boys on the Bus’

When I first started out covering politics, it was literally the era of the boys on the bus. At the Washington Star, where I began as a reporter, one of my greatest thrills was being able to work in the same newsroom with Mary McGrory, who was the exception to the mostly male rule.

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‘It’s Not Right’: Mothers and Daughters See Own Struggles Reflected in Hillary Clinton

Megan Carpentier, The Guardian – October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton made much of her relationship with her mother and daughter when she launched her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2015. A year later, before she took the stage at the 2016 Democratic convention to accept that nomination, she was introduced by her daughter, along with a short, Shonda Rhimes-directed video that delved into her relationship with her mother.

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Donald Trump Introduced Us to “Angel Moms.” Here’s Why They Matter

Tara Golshan, Vox – September 1, 2016

By bringing these people up on stage, Trump’s messaging was clear: Look at all the Americans undocumented immigrants have hurt, he was saying, look at what “illegal aliens” have taken away. Be afraid of the danger these immigrants pose to your community and to your children.

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‘Mothers of the Movement’ Channel Black Lives Lost into Support for Clinton

Lauren Gambino, Guardian – July 26, 2016

The mothers of the movement, a “club of heartbroken mothers”, have emerged as powerful advocates for Clinton on the campaign trail, telling their children’s stories in churches and town halls across the country. On Tuesday night, nine of them stood again together before thousands of Democrats, each woman wearing a big, red flower pinned to her chest.

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How to Win Mom’s Vote

Carolyn Miles and Mark Shriver, US News and World Report – May 3, 2016

What do mothers really want on Mother’s Day? Yes, homemade cards, flowers and a dinner out are all very nice, but in this turbulent election year, how about giving moms a gift that could make a real difference in their lives? How about presidential candidates who listen to their needs and take their concerns seriously?

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Here’s How Candidates Can Get the Mom Vote this Election

Juhie Bhatia, Women’s eNews – May 3, 2016

An overwhelming number of U.S. moms, regardless of political affiliation, cited education reform as the top issue for the next president to address to improve their children’s lives, finds “The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into the Resilient American Mother.” This includes making college more affordable, ensuring a fair chance to succeed in school, improving schools and increased access to high quality early childhood education.

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