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A Trump Loss Could Mean Sexist Attitudes are Changing — but Not Nearly Fast Enough

Bill Cosby. Roger Ailes. And now, Donald Trump. All three men are prominent media figures who have allegedly been getting away with sexual harassment or sexual assault for decades — until now. In 2016, Cosby was charged with sexual assault, Ailes was forced to resign as the CEO of Fox News, and Trump’s presidential campaign started to implode as women started coming forward to accuse him of groping or kissing them without their consent.

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Where Are All the Millennial Republican Women?

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – July 21, 2016

As a writer for a women’s website, I’ve been on an explicit mission to meet young women at the Republican National Convention this week — a task that sounds simple but was surprisingly, disappointingly difficult. After Tiffany Trump’s speech Tuesday night, I walked in circles around the drab beige halls of the Quicken Loans Arena, hunting for young women to interview. But after two hours passed, I began to feel less like a reporter and more like a desperate pick-up artist on the prowl. I waited outside the women’s bathroom, eyeing up women who looked my age, and tried to approach females who were alone or idle. I perfected my “pick-up line,” so to speak: “Hi, I’m a reporter interested in talking to young Republican women about the election. Would you be willing to talk to me?” I even cornered older women, practically crying, “Help me find the Youngs!” One woman I interviewed, a delegate from Texas, actually laughed and wished me luck finding anyone who was not a 50-year-old man. Young women at the RNC, it felt, were an endangered species.

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