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The Candidate We Love to Hate and Hate to Love

Alex Belth, Esquire – January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton has changed greatly over the past twenty-five years of public service, as First Lady, then Senator, then Secretary of State, and now presidential front-runner. No one has tracked that evolution more closely than writer Tom Junod who’s profiled Clinton three times (1999, 2010, 2016) over the past sixteen years, most recently in Esquire’s new Feb 2016 issue. We asked Junod how the Hillary he met in 1999 differs from the Hillary he met last month. One thing hasn’t changed–she’s still reviled by some, and believes, even more so than ever, that she’ll beat her naysayers.

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Hillary Plays the Gender Card, while Bernie Fans Rage

Amanda Marcotte, Salon – October 26, 2015

By revamping and framing her gender as an asset instead of a dirty little secret, Clinton has a good chance of capturing the young female enthusiasm that eluded her in 2008. These gender dynamics could have an unfortunate downside, however. Sanders went after Clinton hard in his speech Saturday night, and his supporters cheered every word while the Clinton supporters sat in silence. Sanders supporters are a diverse crowd, but as Suzy Khimm of the New Republic notes, a huge amount of his support comes from an Internet-savvy, cantankerous crowd of young men. It’s a crowd that’s already swapping conspiracy theories about a media plot against their candidate.

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