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Trump Backers Tweet #repealthe19th After Polls Show He’d Win if Only Men Voted

Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times – October 12, 2016

As polls show that Donald Trump would overwhelmingly win if only men were allowed to vote, the GOP nominee’s supporters have spawned a new Twitter hashtag: #repealthe19th. That’s a reference to the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The Twitter commentary began after Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight published an article Tuesday looking at men’s and women’s voting patterns.

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Election Update: Women Are Defeating Donald Trump

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight – October 11, 2016

For the time being, Clinton’s lead is holding at about 6 percentage points in our polls-only model, which gives her an 84 percent chance of winning the White House. But while we’re in something of a wait-and-see mode, one demographic split caught my eye. It showed a massive gender split, with Clinton trailing Trump by 11 percentage points among men but leading him by 33 points among women.

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‘Obama Bros’ Learn to Love Hillary

Annie Karni, Politico – October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s regular crew of operatives, led by veteran Washington insider and campaign chairman John Podesta, arrived in Farmville, Virginia, on Tuesday to deliver the expected “Tim Kaine did his job” line to the hundreds of reporters on the scene covering the vice presidential debate.

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Is Voting for Hillary Clinton a Symptom of Low Testosterone? This Florida Doctor Says, Yes.

Cleve R. Wootson, Jr., Washington Post – October 5, 2016

Dareld Morris frequently doles out medical advice on his practice’s Facebook page, trying to drum up business for his weight-loss clinic. “Did you know that eating when you are anxious or upset can cause digestive problems?” the Florida doctor asks in one post. Another posits that “brain fog” may point to a hormone imbalance. His latest advice has a political twist. In a radio ad airing in South Florida, Morris says the persistent urge to vote for Hillary Clinton may be a sign of a troubling lack of testosterone, the steroid hormone that regulates masculine traits.

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Why is Trump Still Winning our Poll? White Men and Uncertain Voters

David Lauter, Los Angeles Times – October 5, 2016

A key for Trump is tenacious support among men, whose backing for him increased after Clinton’s health became an issue in early September, according to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll of the race.

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Hillary Clinton’s Lonesome White Male Supporters

Sridhar Pappu, New York Times – October 4, 2016

“But why do people feel the need to do this hyper-vetting of Hillary Clinton?” said Mr. Methe, who has offered to volunteer for the Clinton campaign. “Is it because she is a Clinton, because she is attached to the Clinton dynasty, or is it simply because she is a woman? “It almost seems like it’s this clash of man versus woman. If you are a man and believe in red-blooded American things, then you vote for Trump. It seems like there is a real firm dividing line between one and the other.”

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Women Are More Scared About the Election Than Men

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Views on Race and Gender Mark Stark Divide Between Clinton, Trump Supporters

Gregory Holyk and Sofi Sinozich, ABC News – September 28, 2016

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, mainly released Sunday, finds that majorities of Hillary Clinton’s supporters believe minorities and women have too little influence in American society, while half say men and whites have too much influence. For all his outsider appeal, Donald Trump’s supporters, by contrast, are far more apt to endorse the status quo in this regard.

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Clinton-Trump Race Narrows on the Doorstep of the Debates

Gary Langer, ABC News – September 25, 2016

The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has narrowed to essentially a dead heat nationally in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, raising the stakes dramatically for the first presidential debate Monday night.

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Why do White Men love Donald Trump so Much?

Howard Rosenthal, Washington Post – September 8, 2016

The rise of Donald Trump has put the focus on one particular demographic: men. In a provocative post entitled “What the hell is going on?” the economist Tyler Cowen argued, “The contemporary world is not very well built for a large chunk of males.” Understanding the views of men, and particularly Trump’s base of white men, is key.

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