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Cooked Up After A Hillary Clinton Gaffe, The First Spouse Cookie Battle Is Back Listen· 5:05

Tamara Keith, NPR – August 18, 2016

Although Family Circle magazine’s quadrennial presidential cookie competition sounds like it might have started with Mamie Eisenhower back in the 1950s, it actually got its start with Hillary Clinton. Every presidential election cycle since 1992, the magazine has published a cookie recipe from the candidates’ wives. The latest recipes were released Thursday morning, of course with a twist this year: Since Hillary Clinton is the first female nominee of a major party, it was her husband, Bill, who was asked to furnish a cookie recipe, along with Melania Trump.

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The Mystery that is Melania Trump

Ken Otterbourg, Washington Post – August 18, 2016

The first time Melania Trump appeared on “The Apprentice” was on April 15, 2004. This was before her wedding, the birth of her child, the launching of her jewelry and skin-care brands and, obviously, before Cleveland and the day last month when she briefly and inadvertently committed the cardinal sin of upstaging her husband.

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As Usual, Presidential Spouses Liked Better than the Man (or Woman) they Married

Kathy Frankovic, YouGov – August 15, 2016

Americans say they want to give the spouses of both major party presidential contenders a pass – that their foibles and possible misdeeds shouldn’t reflect on the candidate. In fact, in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, large majorities say it is inappropriate to attack Republican Donald Trump for nude photos taken of his wife Melania, or to attack Hillary Clinton for her husband’s past personal conduct.

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Melania Trump is the Least Favorably Viewed Presidential Candidate Spouse — Since Hillary Clinton

Philip Bump, Washington Post – August 9, 2016

In the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, we asked people to offer their opinions of the four people involved in the campaign who aren’t at the top of the tickets: the spouses and running mates of Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Young Women Aren’t Impressed by Ivanka Trump

Amelia Thomson-DeVeux, Cosmopolitan – August 1, 2016

A new Cosmopolitan/Morning Consult survey of nearly 3,000 registered voters shows that young women aren’t buying it. Only 28 percent of women ages 18 to 34 said they had a favorable view of Ivanka Trump, while 42 percent had an unfavorable view.

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Donald Trump Responds to ‘New York Post’ Shaming Melania Trump’s Nude Modeling Photos

Danielle Sinay, Teen Vogue – August 1, 2016

Donald doesn’t mind the publicity. In fact he defended the existence and subsequent release of the photos, responding that “Melania was one of the most successful models, and she did many photoshoots…This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.”

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Melania Trump Fails to Help Close the Gender Gap

Elaine Karmack, Brookings – July 19, 2016

Most other candidates for first lady have honed their campaign style in a way that rounds out and “softens” their husband. And this is where Melania’s speech fell short. She needed to tell American women that her husband is not the bully that he appears to be, that he can be warm and loving and kind. But her speech only reiterated Trump’s own narrative about himself. He never gives up—“He knows how to win.” There were no anecdotes about their family life, no funny stories about kids or pets. Melania’s speech was just a calmer version of the Donald’s rap on himself.

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Melania Trump Is One Of The Least Popular Spouses Of A Nominee Since 1988

Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight – July 19, 2016

It’s difficult to cover campaign stories involving candidate spouses. Are they political combatants? Bystanders? A mix of both? But the story of this convention right now is Melania Trump. Last night, she gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that in some portions mirrored Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. I have no idea how much effect, if any, accusations of plagiarism will have on the campaign, but it’s clear that Melania Trump is already one of the least popular nominee spouses since 1988.

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Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing