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Donald Trump Has New Moniker for Megyn Kelly, Which Some Find Sexist

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – March 17, 2016

Donald J. Trump has acknowledged that he likes to brand his rivals with belittling monikers that tend to stick. There was “Low Energy” Jeb Bush, “Little” Marco Rubio and “Lyin’” Ted Cruz. Now the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, perhaps his favorite foil, has been given one of her own: “Crazy Megyn.”

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Donald Trump Made Sexist Attacks Against Megyn Kelly A Trend

Leigh Cuen and Jody Sieradzki, Vocativ – March 3, 2016

But to what extent have Trump’s comments actually impacted the surge in sexist slurs? Vocativ used our technology to analyze years of social media data, revealing that Trump’s attacks against Kelly led to clear spikes in sexist criticism.

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Is Hillary Losing the Women’s Vote? Nope. Here’s How the Gender Gap Really Works.

Barbara Norrander, Washington Post – February 26, 2016

Is a gender gap between women’s and men’s votes helping Hillary Clinton win in the Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses? Media reports on this have misconstrued exactly how the gender gap works.

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Is Hillary Trying to Be the First Woman President, Female President, or Lady President?

Katy Waldman, Slate – February 18, 2016

As Robin Lakoff, professor of linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, points out, accentuating femaleness in an artist or politician ‘suggests that a woman holding that position is marked—in some way unnatural, and that it is natural for men to hold it.’

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Trump Disputes Claim that he’s Tougher on Women Reporters

Rebecca Savransky, The Hill – February 7, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is disputing a piece in The Washington Post  that implies he is tougher on women reporters than men. “I think I’ve been tougher on you than any human being on Earth in terms of reporters,” Trump said to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning. “There are some women…there’s one sitting over there in the beautiful read dress,” he said, referring to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “I have great respect for that woman…I would never do that to you.”

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Insults, Threats and More Insults: What it’s Like to be a Reporter Covering Trump

Paul Farhi, The Washington Post – February 4, 2016

Trump’s penchant for insulting people and organizations that displease him is well known, of course. Less remarked upon, however, has been the special contempt that Trump pours out for the women who chronicle his campaign. His targets aren’t limited to Fox News host Megyn Kelly, whom Trump has publicly called “a bimbo,” “dopey” and “so average in every way” in his long-running (and largely one-sided) feud.

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Fear of Women Is Key to Donald Trump’s Misogyny — and America’s

Adele Stan, American Prospect – January 27, 2016

In a campaign based on rage toward and hatred of people who fall into a range of categories—Mexicans and Muslims come immediately to mind—Trump’s hostility toward women seems the most authentic, and not some mere contrivance meant to rile the GOP base.

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Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton, With Joy and Without Apologies

Joan Walsh, The Nation – January 27, 2016

I really don’t want to see her abused again. I’m tired of seeing her confronted by entitled men weighing in on her personal honesty and likability, treating the most admired woman in the world like a woman who’s applying to be his secretary. I’m stunned anew by the misogyny behind the attacks on her, and her female supporters, including my daughter. I’m sick of the way so many Sanders supporters, most of them men, feel absolutely no compunction to see things through female Clinton supporters’ eyes, or to worry they might have to court us down the road, take special care not to alienate us lest we sit the race out in November, if our candidate loses.

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Beyond Hillary-bots and Bernie-bros: Why Democrats Need to Move Beyond Stereotypes and Ad Hominem Attacks

Sarah Seltzer, Flavorwire – January 27, 2016

A hard-fought election is always bound to bring animosity to the fore; it’s a very human and particularly American tendency to identify personally with a chosen candidate, so strongly that you might start to feel that you are the candidate. Thus, in 2016 we have a situation where a sociopathic demagogue candidate can boast of his ability to shoot people without losing his followers’ loyalty. And on the opposing side, the vitriol between two candidates’ followers has reached a decibel level that is so high, even Bernie Sanders’ team has asked his supporters to tone it down.

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The Candidate We Love to Hate and Hate to Love

Alex Belth, Esquire – January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton has changed greatly over the past twenty-five years of public service, as First Lady, then Senator, then Secretary of State, and now presidential front-runner. No one has tracked that evolution more closely than writer Tom Junod who’s profiled Clinton three times (1999, 2010, 2016) over the past sixteen years, most recently in Esquire’s new Feb 2016 issue. We asked Junod how the Hillary he met in 1999 differs from the Hillary he met last month. One thing hasn’t changed–she’s still reviled by some, and believes, even more so than ever, that she’ll beat her naysayers.

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