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Trump says Person of the Year Title is ‘Politically Correct’

Chris Isidore, CNN Money – December 9, 2016

On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump said it was “a very, very great honor” to be named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. By Thursday night, he was riffing about how the title is politically correct. “They used to call it Man of the Year, but they can’t do that anymore,” he told a rally in Iowa. “They call it Person. They want to be politically correct. That’s OK.”

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Quote from Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech was Top Political Tweet of 2016

Women in the World, New York Times – December 6, 2016

Popularity was a contest she really won this year. Clinton can also take satisfaction that a quote from her concession speech and tweeted by her official account turned out to be the most popular political tweet of the year, and the third most popular tweet on any topic of the year, according to data released by Twitter on Tuesday. “To all the little girls watching … never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world,” Clinton said in her speech the day after the election.

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Cartoonists are Creating a Newspaper to Protest Trump’s View of Women

Michael Cavna, Washington Post – December 1, 2016

Françoise Mouly, who has been the magazine’s art director since 1993, and daughter Nadja Spiegelman will edit Resist!, a comics tabloid that calls upon artists to communicate through illustration how they feel about a Trump presidency. The newspaper, which the editors say has already received hundreds of submissions, is scheduled to publish by Jan. 20, timed to the presidential inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington the next day.

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Why More Women’s Magazines are Taking a Political Stand this Election

Emma Bazilian, AdWeek – October 31, 2016

In mid-October, Vogue officially came out in support of Hillary Clinton—the first-ever endorsement of a presidential candidate in the magazine’s history. “In the past, Vogue has made every effort to profile Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, but our editors recognized that this election required a different approach,” a spokesperson for the magazine said, adding that “the response has been tremendous.”

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What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine The Cut – September 29, 2016

When Olivia Nuzzi walked into Donald Trump’s office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, she wasn’t sure what to expect. She’d seen the Republican nominee up close before — in media gaggles covering campaign events for the Daily Beast — but they’d never been introduced. She was there to interview Trump for a story she was writing about his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks. Hicks herself had declined to be interviewed, but Nuzzi figured Trump, as her boss, would be an ideal source.

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Fashion Extends Its Support for Hillary Clinton

Vanessa Friedman, New York Times – August 30, 2016

As of next month, when new ads will appear in the giant September fashion magazines, there will be yet another unabashed pro-Clinton campaign in the offing, thanks to Elie Tahari. Photographed by James Macari and titled “Madam President,” it features a model in a red sheath dress in the Oval Office; in a gray lace-sleeved number, speaking from behind a lectern with the presidential seal; and in a narrow black trouser suit, amid a walk-and-talk briefing surrounded by American flags and Secret Service men in what looks like the Capitol.

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Have Female Journalists Ended the Boys-on-the-Bus Era of Campaign Reporting?

Irina Aleksander, Vogue – May 19, 2016

A chartered plane is traversing the placid skies somewhere between St. Louis and Cleveland, carrying a woman bound for a rally, a five-state primary victory, and, as some would see it, her destiny. She is trailed by another plane packed with twelve women. The first woman is running for president. The other twelve are her press corps, here to record, question, and explain her every move. Their relationship is complicated, to say the least.

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This Remarkable CNN Exchange Took the Ted Cruz Affair Rumors From the Tabloids into the Mainstream

Callum Borchers, Washington Post – March 25, 2016

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan, who’s had an eventful couple days on the air, shook her head in dismay as Adriana Cohen, a Trump enthusiast, hijacked a live interview that also included former Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter and steered it straight into the gutter.

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