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‘Your Uteruses Will be Fine’: Hannity on the ‘Collective Freakout’ over Trump’s Win

Fox News – December 9, 2016

In his opening monologue on Thursday’s edition of “Hannity,” Sean said that the left-wing reaction to Trump’s victory “is now reaching mind-numbing levels.” The host cited stories of Washington D.C. women cutting and dyeing their hair “because they want to feel empowered in order to oppose president-elect Trump.” Hannity also noted that a public relations firm founded by CNN “radical” pundit Van Jones is “working with Republican Electoral College electors who plan on voting against Donald Trump on Dec. 19.”

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Kellyanne Conway Calls MSNBC Report About Her ‘Sexist’

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – November 28, 2016

“We have a response from Kellyanne Conway who says the reporting this morning, it is sexist,” Scarborough said, reading it aloud. “She says she can have any job she wants and is thinking about taking a role inside and outside of the campaign.”

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What We Mean When We Say Hillary Clinton ‘Overprepared’ for the Debate

Danielle Paquette, Washington Post – September 27, 2016

After Monday’s presidential debate, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd critiqued the candidates’ performances — and ruffled feathers online with an unusual denunciation. “Hillary Clinton was at times, you could argue, even overprepared,” the “Meet the Press” host said, “and her opening statement must have had 15 policy proposals within that two minutes.” Clinton promptly supporters sounded off: How is that a bad thing?

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Helpful Critiques of Hillary Clinton’s Mouth Shape From Men Watching the Debate

Christina Cauterucci, Slate – September 27, 2016

Monday night’s presidential debate looked and sounded like a tiff between a petulant, sociopathic toddler and the world’s most patient, cool-headed teacher.Hillary Clinton was unflappable, maintaining a calm, slightly condescending smile while Donald Trump dribbled out bits of wordstuff. She stuck to facts and arguments without taking his ad hominem bait, while he shredded whatever bits of political decorum America has left.

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People Said a lot of Sexist Things About Hillary Clinton During the First Presidential Debate

Casey Quinlan, ThinkProgress – September 26, 2016

Several political pundits, journalists, and Republican politicians reacted to Hillary Clinton’s debate performance by making sexist remarks about her mannerisms. It started before the debate even began when CNN host Michael Smerconish advised Clinton not to be “afraid to smile.”

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‘You Don’t Fit the Image’: Hillary Clinton’s Decades-long Push Against a Sexist Press

Amber Jamieson and Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian – September 15, 2016

From the beginning of her career in the public eye, Clinton has been dogged by questions about her interest in homemaking – despite her own successful career. The queries gradually became more subtle, but the concern of her interviewers was often the same: is this woman “womanly” enough?

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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Criticizes The Media’s Frenzy Over Clinton’s Health

Cat Duffy, Media Matters – September 12, 2016

During the September 12 edition of CNN International’s Amanpour, Amanpour highlighted the sexist nature of the media’s coverage of Clinton’s health, asking “Can’t a girl have a sick day or two” and denounced the way in which “overqualified women hav[e] to try a hundred times harder than unqualified men to get a break or even a level playing field.”

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Hillary Clinton Has Been ‘Finding Her Voice’ Since 1993

Olivia Nuzzi – The Daily Beast, August 28, 2016

A review of media coverage of Clinton reveals that the Associated Press, USA Today, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Observer, Bloomberg, Politico, The Fiscal Times, US News and The Hill, among other local and international publications, have reported on Clinton “finding her voice” some 19 times since 1993—and that doesn’t include the countless instances it’s been said on television or radio.  

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Cooked Up After A Hillary Clinton Gaffe, The First Spouse Cookie Battle Is Back Listen· 5:05

Tamara Keith, NPR – August 18, 2016

Although Family Circle magazine’s quadrennial presidential cookie competition sounds like it might have started with Mamie Eisenhower back in the 1950s, it actually got its start with Hillary Clinton. Every presidential election cycle since 1992, the magazine has published a cookie recipe from the candidates’ wives. The latest recipes were released Thursday morning, of course with a twist this year: Since Hillary Clinton is the first female nominee of a major party, it was her husband, Bill, who was asked to furnish a cookie recipe, along with Melania Trump.

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