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At Iowa Forum, Democratic Candidates Weigh in on Campus Sexual Assault, Hyde Amendment

Ally Boghun, RH Reality Check – January 12, 2016

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and Hillary Clinton convened in Iowa Monday night to weigh in on the issues that Black and Latino voters say most impact them.

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The 3rd Democratic Debate Showed the Candidates at Their Best, Until the Moderators Got in the Way

Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine – The Cut – December 20, 2015

The degree to which this question sucked is hard to describe. It left Hillary stuck; she could not have told us that Bill would oversee the meal-planning and china patterns because a) he wouldn’t and b) clearly the idea of a man (a former president!) doing such silly (lady!) things is hilariously awful enough that it merited a debate question. But she also couldn’t tell the truth, which is that she would delegate it to a staffer, because that would make her sound imperious and unfeminine. So what we got was Hillary Rodham Clinton assuring the nation that if elected president, she would still be picking dishes and making decisions about flower arrangements, which is red-hot garbage, because the truth is that President Hillary Rodham Clinton would be very, very busy being president.

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Democratic Debate: Should It Matter What Kind of “First Gentleman” Bill Clinton Would Be?

Hillary Kelly, Glamour – December 20, 2015

At the Democratic debate in New Hampshire on Saturday night, the final question before closing statements tried to strike a lighter note than the previous two hours’ focus on foreign policy, the economy, and gun violence. Speaking to Hillary Clinton, Martha Raddatz said, “First Ladies, as you well know, have used their positions to work on important causes like literacy and drug abuse, but they have also supervised the menus, the flowers, the holiday ornaments, and White House decor—I know you think you know where I’m going here: You have said that Bill Clinton is a great host and loves giving tours but may opt out of picking flower arrangements if you’re elected. Bill Clinton aside, is it time to change the role of a president’s spouse?”

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Watch Martin O’Malley Compare Hillary Clinton to Annie Oakley

Tessa Berenson, TIME – November 14, 2015

Martin O’Malley compared Hillary Clinton to famous female gunslinger Annie Oakley during a discussion of gun control during Saturday’s Democratic debate. The comparison came as former Maryland Gov. O’Malley accused Clinton of flip-flopping on the issue of gun control, which she now supports. “Secretary Clinton you’ve been on three sides of this,” O’Malley challenged the former Secretary of State. “In 2008 you were portraying yourself as Annie Oakley and saying we don’t need those regulations… There’s a big difference between leading by polls and leading by principle.”

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Martin O’Malley Just Joined the Paid Leave Party. Will a Republican Candidate Join Them?

Gwyneth Kelly, The New Republic – September 14, 2015

Three months ago, Senator Bernie Sanders released his Family Values Agenda, which called for 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents. Among Democratic presidential candidates, he had the issue all to himself until Thursday, when Hillary Clinton announced a plan that included the same amount of paid family leave (except that she describe it as “three months” rather than twelve weeks). So it’s no surprise that Martin O’Malley, the third prominent Democrat in the presidential race (with apologies to Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee), hurried to release his own such plan.

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In Iowa, the First Face-off Between Clinton, Sanders and Other Rivals

Philip Rucker, Washington Post – July 18, 2015

[Clinton] said some critics ask why she talks about such issues as paid sick days, the minimum wage and child care. “There she goes again with the women’s issues,” Clinton said, mocking her critics. “Well, I’m not going to stop,” Clinton said. “So get ready for a long campaign.”

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Forget the White House. What about the 2016 Swimsuit Contest?

Paul Schwartzman, Washington Post – June 14, 2015

Martin O’Malley is not the best-known Democrat running for president (Hello, Hillary!). Nor is he the fire-breathing socialist talking of tearing up Wall Street (Bernie Sanders, come on down!). Yet, depending on one’s taste, O’Malley may command at least one category: the swimsuit competition.

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