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Trump and the Changing Politics of the Marriage Gap

Rammesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg View – December 7, 2016

For all the attention to the gender gap in politics, the lesser-noticed marriage gap is bigger. Donald Trump did better among male voters than female ones by 11 points, his support among married voters was 15 points higher than it was with unmarried voters. Married America voted for Trump by a solid margin (52 to 44 percent), while single America voted for Hillary Clinton in a landslide (55 to 37 percent).

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Married Couples More Politically Split this Election, Thanks to Donald Trump

Molly Redden, The Guardian – September 4, 2016

In the online poll of 1,249 adults who have been in a relationship since at least 2012, polling firm Ipsos Public Affairs asked whether spouses’ political leanings had diverged in the last four years. While only one in 10 people supporting Hillary Clinton thought their spouses would vote another way, one in five supporting Trump expect their spouses to vote for someone else. Among men and women who supported Trump or Clinton, men voting for Trump were the least confident that their spouses would do the same.

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