Every One of Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks So Far Opposes LGBT Rights

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – November 30, 2016

During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump did something unusual: He acknowledged LGBT Americans. Referring to the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Trump said, “This time, the terrorist targeted the LGBTQ community … and we’re going to stop it.” He then promised to “protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”

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Abortion and Gay Marriage Are Absent from Donald Trump’s Appeal to Evangelicals

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, New York Times – September 9, 2016

Donald J. Trump pleaded Friday with Christian conservatives to rally to his candidacy, but in a high-profile speech to evangelicals made no mention of issues of central importance to them, like abortion, same-sex marriage and Israel.

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A Transgender Woman Just Made History at the Democratic National Convention

P.R. Lockhart, Mother Jones – July 28, 2016

On the final day of the Democratic National Convention, Sarah McBride used her position as the first transgender person to speak at a major-party convention to argue that despite advances in LGBT rights, the fight for equality must continue.

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Hillary Clinton’s Big Statement: This is About More than Just Gender

Janell Ross, Washington Post – June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton began her telling of American history Tuesday night by recounting Seneca Falls, a July 1848 gathering in upstate New York of women and a smattering of men committed to examining and improving the social and legal conditions of women.

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Donald Trump: I have ‘no opinion’ on transgender rights

LGBTQ Nation – May 13, 2016

Donald Trump appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday, where he revealed he thinks states should be able to introduce bathroom bans if they feel like it. Beyond that, he said he has “no opinion” about the issue. “I think this should be a states issue,” he said. “It’s become a huge story, and yet it affects… everybody has to be protected… but it’s a tiny tiny portion of the population, and it’s become a massive story.”

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Ted Cruz Assures Voters He Will Address ‘Crisis’ Of Gay Marriage

Emily Atkin, ThinkProgress – January 27, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz ended a seven-stop tour of Iowa on Tuesday with extended comments against marriage equality and transgender-inclusive policies, which he said represented a “time of crisis” in America.

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Ex-Carson Aide: ‘He’s Not Comfortable with Homosexuality’

Eli Watkins, CNN – January 20, 2016

Ben Carson’s former campaign manager said Wednesday that the neurosurgeon’s lack of political experience — coupled with his refusal to learn or use the “Washington lexicon” — contributed to his campaign woes. “He’s also a 64-year-old African-American male, who culturally is what he is right? He’s not comfortable with homosexuality, right?” said Barry Bennett, Carson’s former campaign manager, at an event at the Georgetown Institute of Politics.

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Sanders Campaign Blasts Human Rights Campaign Over Clinton Support

Chris Johnson, Washington Blade – January 19, 2016

“It’s understandable and consistent with the establishment organizations voting for the establishment candidate, but it’s an endorsement that cannot possibly be based on the facts and the record,” said Sanders campaign spokesperson Michael Briggs.

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