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Kellyanne Conway on Why She Thinks Donald Trump Deserves Young Women’s Votes

Ashley Parker, Glamour – September 7, 2016

Over the past year, Glamour‘s team of writers and editors have spoken to thousands of young women in Iowa, New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and beyond, as part of our 51 Million Voices campaign, a partnership with Facebook named for the 51 million women under 45 who are eligible to vote in 2016. And one thing is clear: For them, this election is personal. For the October issue of Glamour, we asked Hollywood activists, political legacies, and young women who know these issues better than anyone else to explain why this race matters. Here, Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, discusses reading the poll numbers, how Republicans can reach more women, and what she feels are the most pressing issues in this election.

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Can Kellyanne Conway Get Donald Trump To Stop Alienating Women?

Clare Malone, FiveThirtyEight – August 25, 2016

Enter Kellyanne Conway, who Trump hired as his campaign manager last week. Conway, a longtime GOP pollster, owns her own firm, “the polling company, inc./WomanTrend,” and if you couldn’t guess it from the name, she’s made a career in no small part by providing advice to politicians and marketers about what women want (a question Mel Gibson never definitively answered). Conway even wrote a book, “What Women Really Want,” with Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, and when she joined the campaign last month as an adviser, The Washington Post wrote a story about her, headlined “Inside Donald Trump’s Strategy to Win Back Women.”

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Top Trump Aide Compares Hillary Clinton’s Relationship with the Truth to Bill Clinton’s Relationship with Women

Jenna Johnson, Washington Post – August 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway compared Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the truth to what she called former president Bill Clinton’s “casual relationships with other women.” …”It’s like, look at the record. You think you would know who Hillary Clinton is if she weren’t married to Bill Clinton? Prove it.”

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Why Donald Trump Picked Kellyanne Conway to Manage his Campaign

Alex Altman and Zeke J. Miller, TIME – August 22, 2016

Party insiders and Trump aides alike give some of the credit to Conway. Her job, they say, is as much about managing the candidate as it is overseeing the nuts and bolts of his ground game. In the final stretch of the campaign, Trump has decided to rely on the veteran GOP strategist, 49, to devise a plan to reverse his sliding polls, sing his praises on TV and provide a stabilizing presence in a haphazard operation. And while Conway isn’t the first professional operative to be handed the role, she seems—at least so far—to be breaking through in ways her predecessors could not.

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‘Pollstress’ Conway Brings Trump Campaign Experience With Conservative Edge

Michael C. Bender and Beth Reinhard, Wall Street Journal – August 18, 2016

The woman tasked with turning around Donald Trump’s Republican presidential campaign has toiled extensively in the party’s antiestablishment conservative lane during the past decade, working for House members who tried to overthrow former Speaker John Boehner and Senate candidates whose stumbles helped delay the takeover of that chamber.

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New Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Doesn’t like his Name-calling

Danielle Paquette, Washington Post – August 17, 2016

Last month, I spoke to Conway over lunch after she wrapped an interview with Katie Couric about how Trump will appeal to female voters — a demographic that national polls show generally and dramatically dislikes him. (All year long, at least 65 percent of women surveyed in The Washington Post-ABC polls have reported an “unfavorable” view of Trump.) The interview revealed how, exactly, Conway counsels Trump. She described a delicate dance: You can’t just tell Trump what to do, she said. Commands could insult him.

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Donald Trump Is Trying to Solve His Woman Problem by Hiring Noted Political Strategist Kellyanne Conway

Maggie Mallon, Glamour – August 17, 2016

Republican nominee Donald Trump announced two major campaign shakeups on Wednesday. In addition to naming a new campaign CEO (Breitbart News cofounder Stephen Bannon), the Trump camp promoted prominent GOP strategist and pollster Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager.  President and CEO of the research and consulting firm the Polling Company Inc., as well as WomanTrend (its division that focuses on female consumers), Conway first joined the Trump campaign in early July as senior advisor to chairman Paul Manafort after working for a Ted Cruz super PAC. According to The Wall Street Journal, after Conway spent several weeks with the campaign, Trump “liked the idea of elevating a woman as his campaign manager” and promoted her in an effort to bolster his dwindling poll numbers.

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Meet Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s New Campaign Manager. She Specializes in Helping GOP Men Sound Less Piggish.

Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine – August 17, 2016

But the other key player in the “shake-up” is interesting as well: new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, a veteran Republican pollster, “strategist,” cable gabber, and Beltway insider who has made something of a specialty out of teaching wild men how to be less threatening to swing voters, especially women.

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Conway Becomes First Woman to Run GOP Presidential Campaign

Fox News – August 17, 2016

Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday became the first female to ever run a Republican general election presidential campaign. But the networks did not excitedly tout this as progress, instead they glossed over this point. On ABC’s Good Morning America, reporter Tom Llamas blandly explained, “Overnight, Donald Trump shaking up his campaign promoting pollster Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager.”

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