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Trump Rewards Kellyanne Conway With a Top White House Staff Slot

Michael D. Shear and Maggie Haberman, New York Times – December 22, 2016

Kellyanne Conway, the Republican pollster and strategist who helped guide Donald J. Trump to victory in November, on Thursday was appointed counselor to the president, becoming the highest-ranking woman at the White House and one of his principal messengers to the public.

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Valerie Jarrett: I Urged Kellyanne Conway to Take a Job in Trump’s White House

Louis Nelson, Politico – December 7, 2016

Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said Wednesday that she urged President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway to accept a role in the incoming administration, something Conway has said she’s unlikely to do because she has four young children.

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Kellyanne Conway Scolded a High-School Student for Asking Her About Donald Trump’s History of Sexual Assault

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – November 30, 2016

When Donald Trump’s history of sexual assault first became a major issue on the campaign trail, his then–campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was quick to defend him by accusing anti-Trump lawmakers of making unwanted advances on women, too. “Everybody is running around saying, ‘He’s condoning sexual assault,’” Conway said on MSNBC. “No, he’s not.” Conway hasn’t said much on the subject since, but she was forced to confront the issue again on Wednesday, when a high-school student asked her how she could “rationalize” working for Trump given his record with women.

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Conway Asked How she Justified Trump and Sexual Assault Allegations

Madeline Conway, Politico – November 30, 2016

Kellyanne Conway faced a personal question on Wednesday: How, as a woman, she rationalized managing Donald Trump’s campaign given his history of making derogatory comments about sexual assault.

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Kellyanne Conway Calls MSNBC Report About Her ‘Sexist’

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – November 28, 2016

“We have a response from Kellyanne Conway who says the reporting this morning, it is sexist,” Scarborough said, reading it aloud. “She says she can have any job she wants and is thinking about taking a role inside and outside of the campaign.”

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Conway: Clinton’s Attacks on Trump are Sadder Because They Come ‘From a Woman’

Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Friday that the anti-Trump, negative turn that Hillary Clinton has taken in her campaign in recent days is “even sadder” because it “comes from a woman.” Kellyanne Conway, who is the first woman to manage a Republican presidential campaign, has attacked Clinton regularly in recent days for spending the bulk of her time on the stump attacking Trump instead of presenting a positive message focused on her plans for the country.

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Kellyanne Conway Compared Republican Politics to a ‘Bachelor Party’

Lena Grossman, Motto – October 25, 2016
Being Donald Trump’s campaign manager is no easy feat. Just ask Kellyanne Conway, who is the third person to attempt this position in the GOP’s presidential run. Conway, who juggles being a mother of four, the election, and damage control, opened up in a recent interview with CNN about her experience not only as Trump’s right hand, but also as a powerful woman in the Republican party.

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Trump Campaign Manager to GOP: Stop ‘Pussyfooting Around’

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is tired of the “pussyfooting around” from Republican lawmakers who have distanced themselves from the Republican presidential ticket in recent days, calling on them to decide once and for all whether or not they support their party’s nominee. “Well we want the support of anybody who’s going to publicly endorse us. But enough of the pussyfooting around in terms of, you know, do you support us or do you not support us?”

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Kellyanne Conway’s Political Machinations

Ryan Lizza, New Yorker – October 7, 2016

In August, Conway, who is forty-nine, and a longtime Republican pollster, became Trump’s third campaign manager. Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart, a right-wing news site that has championed Trump’s candidacy, was named C.E.O. Conway, who is the first woman to run a Republican Presidential campaign, told me that she was proud of the milestone but not hung up on it. “I’ve been in a very male-dominated business for decades,” she said. “I found, particularly early on, that there’s plenty of room for passion, but there’s very little room for emotion.” She added, “I tell people all the time, ‘Don’t be fooled, because I am a man by day.’ ”

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