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Jim Webb Joins In on Criticizing Hillary Clinton’s Marines Story

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – November 16, 2015

Jim Webb may have abandoned his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, but the former senator from Virginia is not finished criticizing Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mr. Webb, a former combat Marine, accused Mrs. Clinton of “disparaging” the United States Marine Corps when she said that she was turned away when she wanted to serve in 1975.

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Democrat Jim Webb Blasts Hillary: ‘Clinton Disparaged Integrity of Marines’

John Nolte, Breitbart – November 16, 2015

Former-Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), who recently dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary, blasted Hillary Clinton for her improbable campaign tale of being turned away by a sexist, ageist Marine recruiter some 40 years ago. Using his verified Twitter account, Webb (a decorated Marine) said that “Mrs. Clinton disparaged integrity of [the Marines].” He appeared to accuse the Democrat frontrunner of fabricating the claim, and challenged her to prove it.

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In Iowa, the First Face-off Between Clinton, Sanders and Other Rivals

Philip Rucker, Washington Post – July 18, 2015

[Clinton] said some critics ask why she talks about such issues as paid sick days, the minimum wage and child care. “There she goes again with the women’s issues,” Clinton said, mocking her critics. “Well, I’m not going to stop,” Clinton said. “So get ready for a long campaign.”

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