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Bush Aide Mocks Trump Appearance

Katie Bo Williams, The Hill – February 13, 2016

The communications director for Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign on Saturday night mocked the appearance of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. “Just saw Trump in the bathroom line. He wanted more make-up,” Tim Miller, also the co-founder of the conservative opposition group America Rising, tweeted during the South Carolina debate.

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Marco Rubio’s Super PAC Takes Aim At 90-Year-Old Barbara Bush In Provocative Mailer

Scott Conroy, Huffington Post – February 7, 2016

With two days to go until the New Hampshire primary, a voter who lives in this heavily Republican town provided HuffPost with a jarring direct mailer that he received from Conservative Solutions PAC — the super PAC that is backing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

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Barbara Bush: Jeb is ‘Almost Too Polite’

Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico – February 5, 2016

Former first lady Barbara Bush has some advice for Jeb Bush ahead of Saturday’s Republican debate: Man up. “He’s almost too polite. I don’t advise him, but if I gave him advice I would say, ‘Why don’t you interrupt like other people do?’” Barbara Bush said in a joint interview with her son that aired Friday on “CBS This Morning.” She was referring to her son’s performance in the Republican debates.

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Trump: Jeb ‘Needed Mommy to Help Him’

Eliot Smilowitz, The Hill – January 22, 2016

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is taking his insult game to a new level, turning his fire on Jeb Bush’s mother. After a campaign ad earlier Friday where former first lady Barbara Bush that took veiled shots at Trump, the billionaire businessman shot back by calling Jeb Bush a mama’s boy.

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Jeb Bush Addresses His Daughter’s Battle With Drug Addiction

I Agree to See – January 20, 2016

Jeb Bush has repeatedly tried to show voters that he can be a tough guy, despite what Donald Trump says. But in his latest ad, the former Florida Governor lets his guard down a bit, and opens up about his seldom-mentioned daughter who publicly struggled with drug addiction while Jeb was in office.

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Donald Trump and Anti-Women Bullying

Sally Kohn, CNN – December 23, 2015

Trump said something offensive. Republican policies toward women and women’s health are offensive. Accusing women who point this out of playing the victim? That’s also offensive. Women all over this country hear very clearly what Republicans are saying and don’t like it.

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Bush: Clinton Will Play Victim Over ‘Schlonged’ Comment

Ashley Killough, CNN – December 22, 2015

Jeb Bush criticized Donald Trump for saying Hillary Clinton “got schlonged” in 2008 — but the former Florida governor also argued that Clinton will play up the comment in a way that makes her look like a “victim.” “She’s great at being the victim. You know this will enhance her ‘victimology’ status. This is what she loves doing,” Bush told reporters after a town hall event here.

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‘Mittens’? ‘Grinch’? Jeb Bush Has a Nickname Idea for Hillary Clinton

Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register – December 3, 2015

“Hillary Clinton’s life revolves around her political ambitions and that’s why she changes her views based on the public sentiment of the here and now. I mean, her views on Syria have changed four times. … We don’t need another hyper-political president,” he said.

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Jeb Bush: I Will ‘Whup’ Hillary Clinton

Tal Kopan, CNN – December 3, 2015

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says if given the chance, he will “whup” Hillary Clinton. Bush spoke the Republican Jewish Coalition presidential forum in Washington on Thursday, where all GOP candidates were scheduled to speak. He got an enthusiastic reception from the audience, many of whom have supported his campaign. “Should I win the nomination, I will take it to Hillary Clinton and I will whup her,” Bush declared, to applause.

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