Tag: Intersectionality

Hiding in Plain Sight: White Women Vote Republican

Jane Junn, Politics of Color – November 13, 2016

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, one piece of data from voter exit polls has been particularly surprising for Clinton supporters: 53% of white women voted for Trump compared with 43% for Hillary Clinton. This statistic has been met with disappointment and criticism: “Fellow white women, I’m done with you,” (Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, Huffington Post), “Self-loathing. Hypocrisy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue.” (L.V. Anderson, Slate).

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Why is it so Hard for so Many in America to Accept a Woman President?

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Hillary Clinton’s Intersectional Politics

Clare Foran, The Atlantic – March 9, 2016 

Hillary Clinton has taken pains to describe the lead-contaminated drinking water of Flint, Michigan, not only as a public-health and environmental crisis, but also as a crisis of poverty and racism. Along the way, the Democratic presidential contender has invoked the idea of intersectionality, the concept that different forms of inequality and discrimination overlap and compound one another.

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