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When it Comes to Her Hair, Hillary Clinton Will Never Win

Caroline Mitgang, Quartz – April 5, 2016

History has shown us that when Hillary changes her hairstyle, or exhibits a ‘do that is either conspicuously expensive or cheap, copious media coverage follows. Could her changing look mean she can’t make a decision, they ask, or that she doesn’t know who she is? Sometimes her hair is indicative of her status as an out-of-touch member of the liberal elite; sometimes it’s symbolic of her lack of gravitas.

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Accomplished Woman Hillary Clinton Gets Nice Haircut, All Hell Breaks Lose

Emma Gray, Huffington Post – March 31, 2016

On Wednesday morning, Page Six reported that Clinton spent $600 whole dollars — the horror! — on a haircut at a high-end salon in New York City. Clinton, who is running for President of the United States and is a former First Lady, also committed the cardinal sins of (1) having “a huge entourage in tow,” and (2) “being ushered through a side entrance.”

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Why Hillary Clinton Has Finally Embraced the Fact Her Pantsuits Could Give Her a Political Advantage

Hannah Betts, Telegraph UK – March 13, 2016

Putting aside her po-faced stance of yesteryear, Clinton has become a delighted collaborator with Planet Fashion, signalling not merely a period of détente with its denizens, but a positive love in. Incorporating fashion as part of her political lexicon and personal iconography is a move that suggests a new ease about herself as a candidate, as a woman, and – most importantly – as herself. It is also nothing if not strategic.

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The White House’s Puzzling Move to Criticize Donald Trump’s Hair

Philip Bump, The Washington Post – December 8, 2015

When Earnest said the part about the “fake hair,” there were a few chuckles in the room. But later in the press conference, NPR’s Mara Liasson pressed him on it, the disbelief registering in her face as she asked the question.

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Understanding the Fixation With Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Hair: The History of America’s Fascination With Presidential Hairstyles

Hillary Kelly, Glamour – November 24, 2015

With all the fervor, you’d be forgiven for believing that a bit of extra pomade or a lighter touch with the aerosol could make a crucial difference in the contest to become the ruler of the free world. No top candidate is exempt from this never-ending parade of hair news, hair criticism, and hair evaluation. No cut or color is safe. Let’s take a look.

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Donald Trump Thinks he’s a Fashion Critic. Here’s What our Fashion Critic Thinks about Him.

Robin Givhan, The Washington Post – November 20, 2015

So Trump’s fat-shaming of a protester begs one to consider Trump’s own appearance. He’s known for a swaggering businessman’s style that offers little in the way of a statement on personal aesthetics or even rareified taste. His clothes are really just a perfunctory set of uniforms.

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Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump’s ‘Bullying.’ And By the Way, She Says, Her Hair isn’t a Wig.

Abby Phillip, The Washington Post – November 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton said on Live! with Kelly and Michael that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s notorious insults verge on “bullying.” Clinton credited the businessman for having a reality TV sensibility. “He’s a great showman,” she said on Thursday morning. But she noted that Trump’s comments are sometimes targeted at specific groups of people — including women.

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Trump Talks Clinton’s ‘Massive’ New Hairdo

Jeremy Diamond, CNN – November 12, 2015

Donald Trump said Wednesday he was shocked to see Hillary Clinton’s latest hairdo, calling it “massive” in an interview on conservative talk radio. Asked by host Mark Levin what Clinton’s appeal to voters is, Trump simply said: “Well, she has a new hairdo, did you notice that today?” The quip prompted Levin to suggest Clinton is wearing a wig. “I tell you what it really was shocking to see it because you’re right it must be, it was massive. Her hair became massive,” said Trump, whose own hair has been the

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A Brief History of Public Fascination With Hillary Clinton’s Hair

Tessa Berenson, TIME – November 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s hair has been the subject of scrutiny this week, after a political journalist publicly questioned whether the presidential candidate wore a wig. Although Clinton’s hairstylist tried to put the question to rest (“she has the most amazing hair in the world”), this is not the first time Clinton’s hair has been in the national spotlight.

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