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Hillary Clinton, Republicans Play Different 2016 Gender Cards

Jay Newton Small, TIME – July 23, 2015

About 30 minutes into the speech, Trump asks: “Who would you rather have negotiate against China, for example? … Trump or Hillary?” He then pursues his lips, leans to the right and waves his right hand as if he was one of his Miss Universe contestants, batting his eyelashes: “Hi, everybody, hi.” He then straightens and fires directly at Clinton, “She’s the one with the tone.

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Fiorina: Would be ‘Fun’ to Take on Hillary

Julia Limitone, Fox Business – July 22, 2015

“Wouldn’t that be fun… If Hillary Clinton debates me, she can’t talk about being a mother and grandmother… She can’t talk about being a woman… What she is going to have to talk about is her lack of trustworthiness… lack of track record of leadership, what her policies would do this nation… and guess what– on that ground we can win,” [Fiorina] said.

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