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The Women’s Vote In The High-Stakes Elections Of 2016

Katherine Spillar, The Establishment – August 27, 2016

The gender gap is in and out of the news this election cycle. The 2016 election likely will have the largest gender gap in history, which could reach a 15-point difference between women and men in their choices for the country’s political leadership. More than ever before, women have the power to elect the next president, decide the makeup of Congress, select state legislators, and shape the national agenda.

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Why Some Feminists are Conflicted About Hillary Clinton’s Historic Candidacy

Emily Crockett, Vox – August 22, 2016

For many feminists, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is incredibly exciting. It’s not just a chance to break a historical barrier by electing America’s first woman president. It’s also the chance to elect this particular woman: a vocal feminist, a lifelong advocate for women’s and children’s issues, and a highly qualified public servant who has weathered decades of sexist scrutiny in the public spotlight.

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Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard: How the Media Shape our View of Leaders as ‘Women’

Ana Stevenson, Conversation US – August 21, 2016

Just as Australian journalists derided Gillard for supposedly “playing the gender card”, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has accused Clinton – his opponent in November – of playing the “woman’s card”. This can be contextualised in terms of the feminist theory of post-feminism. When male politicians speak of women in such ways, they normalise masculinity while foregrounding the supposed insignificance of gender. This renders gender absolutely central to political debate.

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Why a 1995 Speech Proved Formative for Clinton

Jocelyn Novack, Associated Press – August 20, 2016

Flying across the Pacific on an Air Force jet bound for Beijing, first lady Hillary Clinton huddled deep into the night with a few aides and advisers, honing her speech for the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women. It was 1995, and it had been a bruising first few years in the White House: Troopergate, Travelgate, Whitewater. Not to mention the failure of her own high-profile efforts – unprecedented for a first lady – to reform the nation’s health care system.

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Why My Daughter Isn’t Excited About Hillary

Joanna Weiss, Politico – August 2, 2016

The night Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination, as TV anchors gushed about the penultimate crack in the highest glass ceiling, I tried to lure my 12-year-old daughter into the living room. I wanted her to witness history. She wanted to play a quiz on her phone. So when I put her to bed, I gave her a personal history lesson.

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9 Prominent Feminists on What Hillary Clinton’s Historic Candidacy Really Means

Emily Crockett, Vox – July 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton just became the first woman presidential nominee of a major American political party, and it’s very possible that she will become our first woman president. This is a major historical milestone. But Clinton’s nomination, and the prospect of her election, doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone — even prominent, self-identified feminists. That’s why Vox asked nine feminist activists, leaders, and thinkers about what this moment means to them, both personally and in the big picture.

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Hillary Clinton Has an Edge as a Democrat, Not a Woman – See more at: http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/hillary-clinton-edge-democrat-not-woman#sthash.VLsD7NaE.dpuf

Shawn Zeller, Roll Call – July 26, 2016

But the latest political science research indicates that neither sexism nor feminism is likely to decide this race. It turns out that other factors — primarily the political party of the candidate — are much more important than gender stereotypes, which seem to barely matter at all.

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Personal Attacks Shadow Hillary Clinton’s Big Moment

Rick Hampson, USA Today – July 25, 2016

Feminists here to see Hillary Clinton become the first major-party female presidential nominee worry that the historic sound of her breaking what she calls “the hardest glass ceiling’’ is being drowned out by insults — “Liar!” “Crook!’’ and worse.

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